Travel Patrol can help you decide where you should go on your next vacation.

NSI & DOOD Radio interview’s Liz Dahl founder of The Boomer Travel Patrol

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The Boomer Travel Patrol founder

 The Boomer Travel Patrol founder

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 Travel patrol  for boomers is a very special service designed to fit the travel needs and fantasies of various types of baby boomers.  It’s just for us!!!  Most people enjoy a thrilling vacation.  What we enjoy as boomers will vary from one individual to another. Some people like to do nothing but vegetate and enjoy R&R on a vacation.  Their highlight of the day is the cocktail at 6 PM and a fabulous gourmet dinner later in the evening.  Others would rather go to the deepest darkest jungles in Africa.  Some prefer Europe, while others prefer to explore our beautiful American countryside.  Believe it or not there are some baby boomers that love theme and water parks.  You name it and this travel website will have many answers for you and a supportive team to make your next trip unforgettable.

Travel Patrol

  Travel Patrol

Frequently, baby boomers have health issues and mobility restrictions making traveling to the unknown scary.  However, the desire to be adventurous never leaves us.  Even with some health limitations, traveling is still exciting and offers the opportunity to meet new people and learn new things.  Seeing the wonders of this great planet will always be a part of our memory.  The Boomer Travel Patrol is a great place to find out where to go no matter what issues you may have.  The best part is it is all on the Internet.  Do not fear, because this great website can help you find the perfect vacation regardless of what has held you back in the past.  How about the millions of pet owners who refuse to entertain the thought of leaving their family pet home.  Once again, The Travel Patrol will come to your rescue and suggest the perfect trip for you and your pet.

Boom Travel Patrol is the answer

 Boom Travel Patrol is the answer

Let your imagination run wild.  Are you a photographer looking for inspiring scenes?  The Travel Patrol has an answer for that as well and several suggestions.  Many boomers have spent their lives working and raising their families.  They have put travel on the back burner until retirement. Some have a passionate desire to catch up on art and culture.  Do not think twice, The Boomer Travel Patrol is standing by waiting to steer you in the right direction.

Are you squeamish about hotels or are you the type to sleep on the floor like a hippie?  This company will find the perfect sleep accommodations for your desires.  I could go on and on about how helpful The Travel Patrol is on any bucket list.

Here are a few more areas of expertise that The Boomer Travel Patrol website will help you with.

Sports Patrol

RV Patrol

Off  The Beaten Path Patrol

Short on cash-Travel Deals

Globetrotters Patrol

Luxury Patrol

Air Patrol

Food Patrol for foodies

This site is truly an inspiration to people on the other side of 50.  There is no reason to slow down unless you choose to.  Even if your imagination lacks motivation, once you visit the site your fantasies will go wild.  Boomers are enjoying life like never before.  The Boomer Travel website was founded by Liz Dahl, a former travel agent and public relations consultant. Liz saw the need for Boomers to feel comfortable making decisions about where to go on vacation.


Never Say Impossible Radio is pleased to have Liz Dahl visiting with us to explain all the benefits of her site as well as her insight into the issue of travel for boomers.


About Liz

Liz Dahl is an entrepreneur whose journey began as an immigrant to the United States.  Born in a Displaced Person’s Camp in Germany after the war, Liz and her parents came to this country with hopes and dreams which she continues to fulfill.  Her love of travel came early in life and now as a baby boomer, former PR consultant and travel agent, she founded The Travel as a resource guide for her generation.  She formed a Patrol of Baby Boomers who explore all aspects of travel and the site provides enormous amounts of information for those who love to travel.

Liz Dahl and Parents

Liz Dahl and Parents

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