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All  2013 shows maybe accessed by clicking on the Widget below and scrolling to select the show you wish to listen to. Archived  shows include the following episodes:

  Episode 1 – Guest -John C Robinson- Idea Today-Cash Tomorrow – An interesting guide to earning money from your ideas and imagination! Link:

  Episode 2 – Guest- Brad E Oren, MD- specialist in the fields of Ophthalmology and neuro-ophthalmology speaks about saving your eyesight ! Link:

 Episode 3 – Guest-Diane Tailor- shares her heartbreaking story of abduction and rape by a mass murder! Link:

 Episode 4-Guest- Marti MacGibbon-Comedian,author,speaker, talks about sex trafficking, drugs, and recovery. Link:

 Episode -5– Guest-Carmen Carrozza, founder of Media Guest Connection tells us how he can find your next guest for your TV or radio show! Link:

 Episode  -6- Guest Tama Pasternak, jewelry designer,singer,speaker,teacher share the secret of remaining young at heart! link:

 Episode  – 7-Guest Ken Bossone- Speaks about he remained postive during a recent brush with death and serious prostate issues. Ken is the founder of the World Positive Thinkers Club. Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

 Episode -8-Guest SJ Hart speaks openly about mental illness and how it’s exploding in our society today. Find out what you can do before it’s too late. Link:  Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

 Episode-9– Guest Charlene Wilkinson-Yoga/meditation instructor-attorney-at-law, and spokes person for a Unity of Delray’s spectacular event-Design Your Destiny. Learn the principals of what it means to actually control your future.It’s easier than you think. Link:Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

 Episode -10-Guest Mike Jacobi-Professional speaker and accomplished businessman shares his story of escape from communist East Germany to the west and his unyielding drive to succeed which lead him to America the beautiful and ultimate prosperity.Link:Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

 Episode-11-Guest Lamar Morgan-Columnist for the Lamar has a burning passion to see more Americans put back-to-work.  For that very reason, he willingly volunteers his time to help people better understand social media tools like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare :  Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

 Episode-12-Joel Boggess is a speaker, a author, a life coach and a talk show host. Joel is a compassionate caring professional with the heart of a teacher and the patience of a friend. He blends his educational experience, (a Master’s in Counseling and an MBA) together with a passion for helping others to realize their God-given potential. Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

 Episode-13-John C Robinson- Master business coach explains how to earn 5 -Figure Pay Days simply by giving Webinars.  It’s easy!  Find out how now!  Webinars are one greatest tool available on the net today.Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

 Episode-14-Dan Vega-Founder and creator of Tuesday’s With Dan, an exciting entertaining late night talk show focused on business trends, success stories, and inspiration. Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

 Episode-15-Gayle Forman-Psychotherapist– who specialized in parenting the special needs child.  She is also highly informed regarding the dilemma facing many people today, caring for your parent with age related disabilities. Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

 -Episode-16-Paula Cellar-Intutive-Life Coach-discusses the topic of acceptance and asks “what does acceptance mean to you?’Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

-Episodes-17-Dr. Shirley Garrett-Psychotherapist-, personal coach, speaker, trainer, and author-visits Never Say Impossible and warns us to be careful of what we swallow! Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

-Episode-18-Kate MacHugh-visits with Never Say Impossible Radio and tells her harrowing tale as the recipient of cruel bullying for six years. Kate has some great ideas on what to do about it. Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

-Episode-19-Ross Rosenberg Psychotherapist / Counselor, Professional Trainer, Consultant and Clinical Care Giver, and author of the Human Magnet Syndrome offers and eye opening explanation on why we choose the wrong partners and relationships. Click here to listen: Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

-Episode-20-John Paul Engel- Business Advisor – Executive Recruiting, Marketing and Strategy Consulting, Speaker, Author, is a a Man On A Mission .  John shares some creative no cost and low cost methods to jump start the growth of your business in 2013. Click here to Listen:Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode -21-Michael Blade, Restauranteur and Entertainer who shared the stage with the the top names in the entertainment Industry, has a surprise for you. Click here to listen: Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-22-Anthony Idle-Video Marketing Expert/ Producer / Google Adwords specialist, Anthony idle, has a FREE 8 week video marketing course for you! Click here to listen:Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-23-Dr.Shirley J Vaughn-Discusses her book, God’s March To The New Jerusalem.  Her book makes it easy to understand the Bible. Click here to listen: Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

 Episode-24-Tanya Chernova And Tanya Andros discuss the 7 self-sabotaging believes that we have that can stop you from achieving your goals. Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

 Episode-25-Pastor Ann Foster -Polio survivor – tells her real life love story Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-26-Barry R Epstein-Do you have a great PR team behind your business? Do you know how to write a press release? Find out all the in and out of what a strong PR team can do for you with Barry Epstein, President and CEO of Barry R. Epstein associates.Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

 Episode-27-Glenn Miller  visits with NSI and shares his intriguing story of how hypnosis helped change his life. Glenn is funny, honest, and revealing.Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-28-Mazarine Treyz-Visits NSI to shed some light on fundraising, marketing through social media and book publishing Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
-Episode-29-Dale Ledbetter, author,speaker,coach,and attorney visits NSI to share his message about success and happiness.Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
 Episode-30-Kelly Rabbitt, beautiful, talented and struggling to overcome PTSD and winning! To Listen click here:Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
 Episode-31-Dr. Richard Bruno discusses PPSNon-Flash MP3 Direct Link
 Episode-32- Dr. Richard Bruno answers polio survivors question Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
 Episode-33-Dr. Janet Courtney-what is play therapy all about? Dr. Janet Courtney explains Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode -34–  The dynamic Dr. Harry Croft, Visits NSI to discuss the seriousness of PTSD. Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode- 35-Michael J Dill of ActionCOACH Business Coaching tells you how to stop struggling to get the results you are looking for by finding the best coach to help you.Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode -36-Dr. Maya Karkisyan– explains the healthy ways to relieve pain holistically Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode -38-Jorge Herrera-Financial Advisor examines our banking system and Wall StreetNon-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode-39-Lamar Morgan-Social media specialist sinuses the easiest way to reach 250 million people Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode -40- Shauna Bruce-Hamburger-Offers valuable advice on succeeding beyond your own expectations despite adversity.Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode -41-Dean Lewis– Dean Lewis on-line marketer, with 30 years media background, shares tips on how to generate more traffic and sales on the net. Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode-42-Jan Rogers-co-founder of Dreammakers for Life, a non-profit, working to enrich the life’s of sick children.  Dreammakers For Life has a special offer for discounted seasonal tickets for the Miami Dolphin Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode-43-Marion & George Frega aka One Plus One Band.  A true musical love story and music that can take you to another place and time.Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode-44-Luz Rosenfeld visits Dancing On Our Disabilities and shares her burning passion to help others who struggle with challenges. Luz shockingly became blind mid-life.
Episode-45-Kimberly Shivler-discusses how you, a website owner, can protect yourself from a hack attack: Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode-46-Sheila Krichman-visits Never Say Impossible Radio with some fabulous information on how to increase your conversion rate simply by  improving the text on your home page and social media pages.  Click here to listen:Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode-47-Beverly Kyer Offers help for the helper.  What to do when the caregiver needs help. Click here to listen to this riveting interview Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode-48-Caroline Gavin-is a faith-based business coach, speaker,author of several books and host of Purposeful Pathway Radio.  Caroline can help you find your purpose and joy. Click here to listen: Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode-49-Maernela Anez Salvati-Discover your feminine power with Mernela Anez Salvati, and International Bilingual Keynote Speaker and certified Mars/Venus Executive Trainer.Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode-50-Amanda Pelaez– Discusses vulnerability and how it can affect you Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode-51-Dr Stacey J Nelson-founder of Tweedle Pet Products discusses a healthy diet for your pets. Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode-52-Nancy Matthews– founder of The Women’s Prosperity Network.Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode-53-Julie Weil– Rape survivor- changing the lives of others for the better.Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode-54-Tim Thompson of Paragon –discuss how to get funding for your small business:Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode-55- Dr. Richard L. Bruno– Discusses Post Polio Syndrome  Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode-56- Joel Boggess- Author of Finding Your Voice Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode- 57-Barbara Weltman-Big Ideas for Your Small business is Barbara Weltman’s niche.Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode–58-SEOMagic with Dagmar Gatell Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode-59-South Florida Real Estate Expert Tamela Staubs- Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode-60-Joel Boggess- discusses Finding Your Voice– the book that help change your life  Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link
Episode-61-Dr.Bob Burbella-Minister at Hope Ministry Ukraine-Discusses hunger and how we can help end it   Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode -62-Kersen J De Jong-Disability Advocate, share his story of humiliation on Turkish Airlines where he was forced to remove his artificial

legs and place them in the over head bin.Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-63-Sophia Thompson– An Entrepreneur with amazing drive, beauty, and talentNon-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-64-Alissa Ripley-Author, Speaker, Mentor, and survivor of a devastating accident Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-65-Dr. Richard Norris  founder of Leading Men Only  speaks about the issues facing men today Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-66-Dr. Mark Smikle, Phd. Great tips from a master business coach on what to do when you are in business for yourself Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-67LEO Brown-Never Say Impossible Radio interviews Leo Brown who openly discusses “The Gift” and Intuitive power. Find out how it can help you in lifeNon-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-68-Marilyn Raphael-World famous psychic speakers about Ghosts, spirits, and the afterlife. Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-69-Kirk Rhodes-Shares how he built his LinkedIn contacts to 30K+ and shares his life with us as well. Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-70-Heather G Eaton-Answers the mystery of the unknown in one amazing book.Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-71-Ron Standerfer- The compelling story of a fighter pilot Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-72-Leigh Valentine- The creator and founder of Non-Surgical Facelift ! Amazing Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-73-Howard Van Es-literary expert shares what you need to know about writing and publishing books Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-74-Paul Lamar Hunter– the 19th child in a family of 21 natural siblings. An inspiring story of triumph.Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link 

Episode-75-Brooke Billingsley-Find out what to expect from your health care provider with Brooke Billingsley-Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-76-Lynette Turner- Find out how to turn your dark thoughts into joyous visions.Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-77-Caoch Jim Johnson– Shares a story of a miracle on the basketball court Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-78-Sid Vaidya- A wonder, inspiring story of rags to riches Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-79-Audrey Arbe  is the author of The Mother’s Manual. As an intuitive, mystic, counselor, psychic, clairvoyant, astrologer, and healer, she has a different approach to child rearing. Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-80-Robyn Reynolds- Topic – Spiritual Photography Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-81-Gayle Forman-experienced psychotherapist and child advocate can save your child from failing.Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-82-Barbara Butz-disabiliity advocate-

Episode-83-Carol Hope- Mental health care advocate and author speaks about adjusting to life’s ups and downs

Episode-84-Cliff and Claire McMurray-Stop struggling to write that book…get the help you need with “Your Words Perfected”. Everything you need know and do to make your book perfect

Episode-85-Florence Gaspard-

Episode-86- Louis Scotti– NSI & DOOD Radio  Life CoachNon-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-87-Noelani Musicaro– NSI & DOOD  Radio Kindness conversationsNon-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-88-NSI & DOOD Radio- Chuck Dettman  Save your marriageNon-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode 89-Cathy Alice Koyanagi-Blinded at age 54 and still making others laugh! Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-90-Staphanie Dalfonzo-A gifted Intuitive coach actually took me under on air Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-91-Patricia Weber-  Discusses personality types and how it can work to enhance

your productivity. Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-92-Mari-Lyn Harris- talks about the meaning of kindness and giving

Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-93-Gary Smith-Master Business Coach-Gary Smith can help save your business from failure.Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-94-Neely Young– CareerSource Supervisor of Talent Acquisition discusses career changes and possibilities –Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-96-Wins Charles discusses success dispute Cerebral Palsy Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-97-Tomas Reyes-Coles– Veterans advocate talks with DOOD Radio about we we need to do for our veterans Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode- 98-June Collins- Owner of President Max-well’s pet services, LLC Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode -99-Yessenia Leyva-All about the Center for Independent Living Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-100-GPatrick Howell-The rise and fall of a drug Enforcement Agent-Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode 101-Sam Patterson– Represents The Center for Blind Services-Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode 102-Tom Payne– Learning how to sell yourself to nail that job-Non-Flash MP3 Direct 

Episode-103-Jacques Wiesel-A Holocaust survivor tells his story – Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-104-The Traveling Soul Market-Robyn Reynolds story-Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-105-Michael Jones-From a mess to success-A rags to Riches StoryNon-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-106- Myra Goldick- shares her thoughts about resilience-Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-107-Margarete Quinones-voice over artist shares her story-Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-108-Vicki  M Taylor-Writing coach tells you how to heal your spirit by journalingNon-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-109-Lamar Morgan– Free Marketing OpportunityNon-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-110-Pam Brooks Crump-Build your network  and business with Pam and enjoy a renewed sense of creativityNon-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-111-Juliet Waugh-Founder of the Christians in Action Trade shows-A great event! Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-112-Zen Benefield– The unknown? Be the dream Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-113-Bob Burg– Turning Adversaries into Allies Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode 114- David Pollay– discusses The There Promises Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode 115-Marc Cram- Insurance expert discusses what you need to know to protect yourself. Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode 116-Eladio Amores-Director of Employment Partnerships – employment opportunities for people with disabilities Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode 117-Jordan Goodman– Americas Money Answers Man- all you need to know about money-Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode 118-Vicent Pisano– Discusses what can help people with low vision Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode 119- Lady Ann Sears– Discusses keylogging and how to stop it from ruining your financial life Non-Flash MP3 DirectLink

Episode-120- Terry Palmer -visits Dancing on our Disabilities and discusses Creativity, Passion, and Faith Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-121-Caroline Gavin-visits NSI Radio with some very sound business advice Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode 122-Barbara Ehrentreu-visits NSI and shares valuable information about fiction writing Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode 123- Linda H Yates– Visits NSI and discusses the power of believing in oneself  Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-124-Marilyn Rapheal-World famous expert on the paranormal visits NSI Radio-Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-125-Pamela lue-Hing-Listen to Pamela Lue-Hing and her message about creating success- Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-126- Arlene Paukert– Ladies is your financial future secure? Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link 

Episode-127-Patricia Rogers- A story of how you can create financial success in your life from a lady who knows first hand how to: Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-129- Tana Gildea-Discusses how to manage money so that you will always have enough! Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode-130- Yvonne A Jones visits NSI Radio.  Are you checking what people are saying about you online? Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode 131-Mindy Strich – shares her story of becoming well with energy healing Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode 132-Fatou Doumbia– Fatou is fighting to end hunger in West Africa Non-flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode 133- Marc Goldman-An inside look at the professional speaking industry.Non-flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode 134-Terry Palmer- Author speaks about love-Non-flash MP3 Direct Link

Episode 135- Kathy Condon- All you ever wanted to know about being an effective networker- Non-Flash Direct MP3 Link

Episode 136-Joe Luellen– Speaks on leadership – Joe is the creator of 60-Second Motivational MoJo –Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode-137-Tom DudLey-Blues musican, professional speaker, visionary, speaks on the benefits of music and laughter-Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode-138- Andrew Meit- Artist and disability Advocate speaks about the importance on vaccination. Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode-139-Rainey Ofiero-speaks about resilience and polio/post polio syndrome-Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode 140-Gary Kissel– LinkedIn Coach talks about making money with LinkedIn Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode 141-Bob Daves-Will teach you how to be a great leader in his special Mastermind class. Non-Flash-Direct Link

Episode 142-Rocky Krogfoss-Rocky is a Quantum Energy Healer, Stress Reduction Counselor, Life Coach Non – Flash- Direct Link

Episode-143- Lorna McCarty– Relationship coach can help save your relationship! Non- Flash-Direct Link

Episode 144- Lori Wilk- Online marketer and business coach shares trade secrets: Non-Flash-Direct Link

Episode 145-Maite Reyes-Coles-Director of Programs/Operations at the Coalition of Independent Living Options, Inc. speaks our about the services the orgainization offers: Non-Flash-Direct Link

Episode-146-The Center For Independent Living Broward talks to DOOD Radio.  Guest Brian Johnson and Camille Wallace share info. Non-Flash-Direct Link

Episode-147-The Queen of Radio, Linda Evans– speaks about real music- Non-Flash-Direct Link

Episode-148-Famous Mouth Painter- Mark Sotak- speaks about what it takes to give your life meaning-Non-Flash-Direct Link

Episode-149-Leroy Christian– Money worries can spoil your life.  Let Leroy Christian help plan for the future-Non-Flash_Direct-Link

Episode-150- James Perdue– A heart warming story of mental toughness- Non-Flash- Direct Link

 Episode 151- Luz Rosenfeld-Special needs advocate speaks out to assist in bringing about inclusion Non-Flash-Direct Link

Episode -152-Rosemarie Rossetti-Speaks about how to take back your life after tragedy. Non-Flash-Direct Link

Episode-153- Laura Golden-Senior Officer, Major Gifts at American Red Cross discuss the organizations goals Non-Flash-DirectLink 

Episode-154-Tony Longley-discusses the benefits of joining Toastmasters- Non-Flash-DirectLink

Episode-155-Shey O’Shey-Relationship expert speaks about finding your soul mate. Non-Flash-Direct Link

Episode-156-Terry Palmer-Author discusses how a brush with death can spark creativity Non-Flash-Direct-Link

Episode-157- Ron Pettit- ADA access manager at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines-Non-Flash-Direct-Link

Episode-158-Heidi Richards Mooney– The queen of entrepreneurial success can help you.  Non-Flash-Direct-Link

Episode-159-Pamuela Toussaint-Personal Brading and image maker  Non-Flas-Direct-Link

Episode-160-Dollton June Lyttle– Care Nurses Registry- all about caregiving  Non-Flash-Direct-Link-

Episode-161-Victoe Guembes– counterterrorist speaks on how to protect our children from ISIL  Non-Flash-Direct-Link

Episode-162-Goldstar Entertainment Group– Fundraising made simple and fun Non-Flash-Direct-Link

Episode-163-John Spannuth-A master coach speaks about the magic of networkingNon-Flash-Direct-Link

Episode-164-Myra Goldick– Reads from her book Dancing on our Disabilities-Non-Flash-Direct-Link

Episode-165-Rick Bava- Author and Speaker discusses Baby Boomers today and what they face tomorrow-Non-Flash-Direct-Link

Episode-166-An Inspirering interview with the Exceptional Theater Company-Non Flash-Direct-Link

Episode-168-All about Peggy Adams Animal Rescue LeagueNonFlash-Direct-Link

Episode-169-On Earth As It Is In Hell- Author Cortina Jackson holds nothing back.  She speaks the truth. Non-Flash-Direct-Link

Episode-170-The Secrets of a superstar salesperson-master coach-Butch BellahNonFlash-Direct-Link

Episode-171-Annette Rawlings-the amazing story of a true artist NonFlash-Direct-Link

Episode-172-Jessica Chesler-Social media manager spills the beans Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode-173-Florence Gaspard-A discussion about Feminine Leadership Non-Flash-Direct Link

Episode-174-Myra GoldickAKA-The Never Say Impossible Lady– speaks about how to achieve happiness. Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode-175-Precious Feliciano-Speaks about SMA and what it’s like living with a disability today. Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode-176-Cathy Alice Koyanagi-Speaks openly about the bullying of disabled people Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode-177-Sarah Churman-Speaks about a medical miracle and how ir changed her life-Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode-178-Amanda Rupley– Speaks about her battle with Lupus –Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode-179-Lady Beth and Pastor Fullilove discuss the # 1 crime in the world today Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode-180-Stand Among Friends-Dawn Alexander Hicks speaks about inclusion in the work place Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode-181- Katie Boeck talks about The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida-Non-Flash Direct Link Very Inspirational!

Episode-182-Angela Howell can help you find the giftNon Flash Direct Link 

Episode-183-Sue Jones speaks about what it takes to be an entreprenuer-Non Flash Direct Link

Episode-184-Rick Bava-can Baby Boomers and Millennials get along?  In Search of The Baby Boomer Generation-a talk with Rick Bava-Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode-185-Denise Simone-Life Coach speaks about how to Find Your Truth- Non-Flash-Direct-Link

Episode-186- Vanity Vain– speaks about the benefits of facial yoga and facial exercises. –Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode-187-Arlene Paukert 2-All about FEG and Worth Unlimited. Do you need a financial Check up?  Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode-188-Lady Beth and Dr. Hinkle on the topic of ending human slavery. Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode-189-Vanity Vain on the topic of crows feet Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode-190-Shaji Varghese discusses the value of audits Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode-191-Vanity Vain-Get rid of saggy cheeks- Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode-192-Gino Federici– Singer/Composer/Performer- shares his inspiration to fight for our America rights through his music- Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode-193-JoAnna Brandi-Happiness Coach and Business Advisor Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode-194-Harold J Blotcher-Tax Preparer- How to avoid tax scams-Non-Flash Direct Link

Episode-195–Liz Dahl-speaks about have the best travel experience for people over 50. Non-Flash Direct Link.

Episode-196-Penny Morey-If you or anyone in your family works in the US, you need to listen to HR specialist Penny Morey. Non-Flash Direct Link.

Episode-197-Shari Gill- If you have voice issues you need to listen to this interviewNon-Flash-Direct Link

Episode-198-The American Cancer Societies Road to Recovery Program explained in detail. Non-Flash-DirectLink

Episode-199-Dr. Richard Bruno– discusses Post Polio Sequelae and what it means to survivors. Non-Flash-Direct Link

Episode-200-Rainey Ofiero-A heart warming story of adoption and love. Non-Flash-Direct Link

Episode-201-Lourdes Valentin– sings the blues and a star is born- Non-Flash-Direct Link

Episode-202-George Dubec- All about vCard Global-Non-Flash-Direct Link

Episode-203-Cynthia James-How to bring the Extraordinary you to the surface Non-Flash-Direct Link

Episode-204-Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein-What is your purpose here on earth? An infornative interview. Non-Flash-Direct Link

Episode-205-Mike Dukee-Wounded Warriors of South Florida.  Our veterans need our help.  This is a must listen to interview. Non-Flash-Direct Link

Episode-206-Pat Fedina-Are you or someome you love in pain and grieving.  Pat Fedina can help get through it. Non-Flash-Direct Link

Episode-207-Cathy Alice Koyanagi– A conversation on how stress impacts people with disabilities Non-Flash-Direct Link

Episode-208Linda Baron Katz- Overcoming bipolar disorder.  Linda shares her amazing story Non Flash-Direct Link

Episode-209-Nona Lightman-Shares her story of Chinese Brush painting and how it helps her fibromyalgia Non Flash-Direct-Link

Episode-210-Pastor David K Jackson-All about life in the second half. A deep and thoughtful conversation with Pastor Jackson-NonFlash-Direct-Link

Episode-211-Maggie M Smith– Lawyer speaks  about disability insurance and what you need to know. Non-Flash-Direct-Link

Episode-212-Dr.Robert J Blackman-Holistic chiropractor speaks about our over medicated, over exercised,unhealthy society. Non Flash-Direct-Link

Episode-213-Yessenia Levya- Speaker, disability advocate, performer and creator of the Inclusion Through Entertainment Events has encouraging words for the disability community. Non-Flash-Direct-Link

Episode-214-Marilyn Murry Willison- Speaks about her life and what it means to be self-empowered.  Non- Flash-Direct-Link

Episode -215- Stuart Vener- speaks about the pitfalls that exist in real estate and time share. Non-Flash-Direct-Link

Episode-216- Danny Creed– speaks about second chances and opportunities. Non-Flash-Direct-Link

Episode-217-Brian Johnsondiscusses independent living for people with disabilities. Non-Flash-Direct Link

Episode – 218-Ron Pettit-Ron is the Senior Manager, Disability Inclusion & ADA Compliance Director at Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. He is also the President of The South Florida Business Leadership Network Board of Directors. Non-Flash-Direct Link

Episode-219-Maryanne Fiorentinospeaks about growing up with the gift of song while fighting a learning disability.Non-Flash-Direct-Link





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