Musical Creativity can do wonders for the mind and mental health. Whether you are the creator or the audience. It is a universal language that everyone can understand.

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Maryanne Fiorentino

Musical creativity and the gift of song helped heal Maryanne’s spirit

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Music, as well as the visual arts, often provide great healing powers to individuals who struggle with mental illness.  Some famous and talented performers and artists throughout time have had to deal with mood swings. Creativity is a holistic way to help heal the spirit.

Unruly children can benefit from musical creativity

Try musical creativity to help alter a childs mood

Children have the most difficulty with mental disorders. Frequently, they are undiagnosed and do not recieve proper medical attention. All to often, adults view them as troublemakers and disrupters. It can be frustrating for the child, parent, and teachers. Parents often want to deny that there is anything wrong or that their child needs special care. Therefore, punishing an unruly child without actually understanding the source of their behavioral problem will probably create more trouble than good. First of all, ADD, Auditory Processing Disorder, Depression, OCD, Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar, as well as other emotional issues are sometimes misunderstood. In addition, all issues need to be properly diagnosed and treated medically by a professional. Finally, when a child’s condition goes untreated, as a result, the entire family suffers.

Musical creativity can change your life 

Singing in a choir is musical happiness

Maryanne Fiorentino, suffered for years with behavioral problems she did not understand.  Consequently, Fiorentino’s mental problems were not diagnosed in her early years. As fate would have it, Maryanne was incredibly talented musically. One could say that learning to express herself with her beautiful soprano voice changed her life. Even as a child she loved music and singing. Above everything, she  wanted to excel. Most noteworthy, is how hard Maryanne studied to perfect her style. She has an amazing story to share that will give hope and inspiration to anyone who has mental illness or has a family member with an emotional disorder.

Dancing On Our Disabilities Radio is pleased to introduce you to Maryanne Fiorentino. Medical treatment, therapy, and music has transformed her life and given her hope for a magnificent future as a professional performing artist. She is a gifted singer. 

About Maryanne Dymond Fiorention

On November 27, 1984, a virtuoso was born as Maryanne Noel Fiorentino in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The rest of Maryanne’s musical story

The talented singer has been a citizen for 13 years. The soprano has been studying music for almost two decades. In high school, the she studied music under the tutelage of Sonia Lewis.  Later on with Valerie Pineda. Especially relevant, while still in High School Maryanne was a featured soloist.  As a student she sang in Westfield’s Little Opera Company of New Jersey.  in addition, she also sang in the chorus of Mozart’s Le Nozze Di Figaro, Donizetti’s Eliisir D’amour and Mozart’s Don Giovanni.  Subsequently, after graduating High School the singer decided to study music at Westminster Conservatory in Princeton, New Jersey. Most noteworthy, she was accepted to study music at the renowned Westminster Choir College in Princeton. While there she studied with Julian Rodescu, a professional opera singer and a highly respected voice teacher. Later, she studied under the tutelage of Cristina Castaldi.

Musical creativity and hard word creates a winners

In Conclusion, 2017 is going to be an exciting year for the talented singer.  Furthermore, Maryanne has recorded her first professional CD titled Dymond in the rough. Hence, She is promoting her musical career this year.  Her debut recital Saturday,May 13th, 2017 located at Westminster Choir College in Princeton NJ. The time 4:00 pm and the  location is 101 walnut lane.

Tickets price: $15.00. To purchase, go to

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