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What Never Say Impossible Internet Radio is about:

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 The Never Say ImpossibleTM show,  hosted by Myra Goldick

Never Say Impossible is an Internet radio show that delivers high-quality talk show programming via digital communication. The program offers compelling content on a variety of topics, ranging from unique entertainment to educational and business technology. We focus on networking opportunities, Social networking marketing, motivational, and inspirational information formulated to promote knowledge for the enhancement and growth of business success. Our web-based broadcasts provide both prerecorded and archived programming.

The unprecedented growth of digital communication through broadband, tablets, and mobile devices, and the convenience of “listen to” at will via computers and smart devices have increased the ability of industry to reach a new and greater customer base.

Tell Your Story To the World! We’re not just “any old” Talk Radio show.

Our goal is to transform YOU into a trusted and sought-after expert in YOUR field.

I want to share your success story with the world. For more information please contact Myra.

What better way for business owners, entrepreneurs, schools, coaches, trainers and health industry experts to let the world know who they are and where to find their products? 

  • Connect with like-minded friends and create your very own fan base and followers. Inspire, motivate, share, and promote the very best of what you have to offer.
  • Unleash your creativity! Inspire, motivate, share, and grow your client base as people come to know, like and trust you through your show!
  • Imagine attracting an audience from anywhere in the world! Listeners who consider you a friend and authority.
  • We promote you and your show on our website, iTunes, social networks and search engines. We use your brand and your words!

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