All minorities want the same conveniences that the majority of the population experiences and expects in every aspects of life. People with disabilities often endure humilation and disappointment when traveling. Mr.Ron Pettit makes sure that the guests and passengers on Royal Caribean have a top notch memorable cruise.



Ron Pettit

Ron Pettit is changing the lives of people with disabilities. Ron Pettit is changing the lives of people with disabilities He has spent years improving the travel experience for people with challenges.


Define what minorities mean to you

Minority means something a little different to everyone. However, one thing is always true; all minorities want acceptance, inclusion, and equality. Minority means “a group in society distinguished from, and less dominant than, the more numerous majority:” It doesn’t matter which catagory or minority one may belong. Most people would not choose to be a part of any minority. I am not insinuating that they do not want to be who they are. It is less about what gender, religion, ethnic background, economic status, or disability community that categorizes them as a minority. It is about being a less significant part of society in some way. Everyone wants to be treated as an equal, be given the same opportunities as the majority, and not be thought of as an outsider.

We are a country of minorities

Dreams do come true

To be clear and reinstate my opinion, everyone wants to be part of the bigger picture and enjoy inclusion as a normal way of life. Perhaps that’s an idealistic and dreamers way to look at a diverse and fully inclusive society. However, if we do not strive for perfection and our goals, we will never achieve a better way of life. One of the most luxurious ways to vacation is to sail the seas in grand style. Ron Pettit is passionate about making the cruise experience as perfect as possible for passengers with disabilities. 

Change takes time as people move in and out of minorities

Minorities are waiting for a time of change

                    Hand of Time

The wheels of time turn slowly.  It takes work, thoughtfullness, and time to correct social injustice. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of those such as Ron Pettit who work behind-the-scenes on behalf of others. They work to bring about a significant shift in our society, along with the ADA compliance requirements. Their work alters what it means to be part of a minority by removing inconveniences. I believe this is particularly true for people with disabilities or who are living with a form of limitation. In my life time, I have witnessed a refreshing change in opportunity, accessibility, and acceptance for people with disabilities.

Employment is still a problem for minorities and people with disabilities

However, employment for people with challenges is still not on equal ground. We have a lot more work to do to create a fully inclusive society where no one feels the pressure of belonging to a minority. Ron is also involved in helping to open opportunities along the lines of employment for people with disabilities as well.

How do we create change?

Change effects minorities

Social Injustice never changes by itself. There are always crusaders who rally for minorities and a cause. I’m not speaking about those who protest openly in the streets against what they feel is wrong with society. Specifically, I am referring to people who choose a particular line of work where they can make a difference in the lives of others. One unique individual who has accomplished a great deal is Ron.  I want to celebrate all that he is doing to bring about change.

Does being disabled put anyone with limitations in one Bag?

He has a long history working in the travel industry. Ron wears two hearing aids because he has significant hearing loss.  His particular limitation allows him to blend in with the majority of society because he is not easily identified as disabled. However, he is sensitive to the needs of others. It is his caring for others that makes him special. His hearing loss created a passion to ensure a better travel experience for people with disabilities. Ron is the Senior Manager, Disability Inclusion & ADA Compliance Director at Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. He is also the President of The South Florida Business Leadership Network Board of Directors.

Listen to Ron’s story

NSI & DOOD Radio is pleased to introduce you to this interesting manRoyal Caribbean cruise lines along with Ron’s ADA knowledge and skill will ensure passengers with a disabilities have a wonderful inclusive travel experience.

About Ron Pettit

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd

 Pettit is Senior Manager, Disability Inclusion & ADA Compliance at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. His goal and passion is to help people with disabilities have the best cruise vacation experience possible.

He is responsible for the accessible guest experience and product development as well as Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance for three global brands – Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises with a combined fleet of 32 ships. Ron has been in the travel and hospitality industry for over 27 years with over 19 years of managing accessibility programs.

Before joining Royal Caribbean in 2006, he was with Northwest Airlines and responsible for improving the air travel experience for over 3.3 million annual customers with disabilities and ensuring compliance with the Air Carrier Access Act. His efforts resulted in making Northwest Airlines a first choice option for people with disabilities.

Ron received a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communication Arts and Sciences from Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.  Living life with hearing loss is not easy, and he wears two hearing aids