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Why listen to Internet Radio?

Answer-Because Internet Radio Talk Shows are the only medium that allows you to multitask and learn at the same time.

I have found that Internet radio offers a vast variety of entertainment with a minimum amount of commercial breaks. All kinds of topics or music can be found with the simple click of a mouse. This unique form of networking, meeting new people with great ideas, and entertainment can be downloaded to any smart device at your convenience.
Another wonderful advantage to Internet Radio Talk shows is the opportunity it offers people to help brand themselves or businesses completely free of any cost.

Personally I feel it is a way for me to learn new things from amazing people and have fun at the same time.
What is better than that? Another great thing is that the guests can be in their PJ’s and no one has to know.
No cameras or makeup necessary, however the sound of your voice can be heard by anyone with a connection to the Internet.

I have created two shows as a way to communicate with the world and lift others up at the same time.

Never Say Impossible LogoWhat is The Never Say Impossible Internet Radio show about?

Through the miracle of Internet radio, the “Never Say Impossible” show offers a unique opportunity for the sharing of information and a unique opportunity to tell the world your story about, your accomplishments, your passions, your products and how you can be contacted. The shows is designed introduce you to new people, who will inspire, motive, and inform you of innovative ways to breath new life into your goals and dreams. At NSI anything is possible until YOU say it’s not.

Where can you find positive thinking, courage, and creativity laced with humor to build success in your life? On Never Say Impossible. Internet Radio. I’m Myra Goldick – your host for an hour-long look at great, motivational stories from great, motivating people.   An attitude of gratitude is the powerful tool we use to overcome life’s adversities – and you get to hear some of the best on Never Say Impossible Internet Radio. Visit the show archives.

StopGapWhat is Dancing on our Disabilities Internet Radio about?

The Dancing on our Disabilities show is a global forum where you are invited to share your personal story of survival and triumph over disability. A meeting place to gather information from experts in the medical community and additional resources for the enrichment of society. A group dedicated to bringing information, support and love into the lives of people with disabilities, as well as their caregivers.

Dancing on our Disabilities Internet Radio is an Internet Radio shows that offers medical information, to motivating and inspirational stories; we show that our challenges make us stronger.

Both shows are available on iTunes listed as NSI & DOOD

On the archive page on this site.

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