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Headshot of Myra Goldick , Author, Artist, Radio talk show host, and Motivational speaker

Myra Goldick

About Myra:  Myra is Radio Talk Show Host – Speaker – Author – Professional Artist – Disability Advocate – Reinvention Coach who majored in Fashion Illustration at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology.  Myra’s love for art developed as a child at the age of five when she won a coloring contest in The New York Daily News.  She knew then that her passion was to share her talent for creating and painting colors, bright and bold, soft and enticing, all blending in various forms of art.  Creating became her life; it also saved her life.

She was struck down 5 years later with a devastating bout of polio. She was completely paralyzed and with years of braces, crutches and painful therapy, she clung to her passion for colors and her art.  Her determination and desire to succeed led her to her recovery.

Myra studied fine art at the prestigious High School of Music and Art. Upon graduation she received a full scholarship to The Fashion Institute of Technology where she studied fashion illustration.  She spent 20 + years in the corporate world of cosmetics where her career in marketing and sales flourished. She was instrumental in creating colors for women.  She then returned to The Fashion Institute of Technology after deveolping Post Polio Sydrone.  where she received a degree in millinery design. Myra then went on to design millinery for some of the world’s renowned fashion designers for over 10 years. Her fine art paintings in oil and acrylic have been on display throughout southeast Florida.

Myra believes creating on any level is like breathing. It lifts the spirit, while at the same time it validates and builds individual self-confidence. Through her personal experiences working with business professionals during her life’s journey, she has learned many valuable lessons. These lessons have guided her on her path to success. While she will always deal on a daily basis with the physical impact polio has had on her body, her mind and mental energy has grown stronger.  Her mission is helping others find their strengths, passion, and creativity, while maintaining a true sense of humor about life.

About Living Through Art, Inc.

Living Through Art, Inc. is about Myra’s mission  to inspire and motivate the public through the sharing of information, which supports all creative art forms. The company is a publishing and entertainment-based organization offering podcasts and Internet Radio, professional speaking focused on the topic of inclusion and equal rights for people with disabilities, literary work, and original oil and acrylic fine art.

About the Radio:

Myra Goldick, president/ founder is the host of two Internet Radio shows:  “Never Say Impossible Radio” and “Dancing On Our Disabilities Radio”.  Both broadcasts offer information to the public through the stories and success of the guest speakers. The information offered is focused on enriching the lives of people and society through the sharing of educational and inspiring content. Myra, a polio survivor, a transition coach, disability advocate, and author, who support’s the needs of those who struggle to overcome, spiritual discontentment, difficult transitions, visible and Invisible disabilities and works to aid others discover their personal path to fulfillment.

About Disability Advocacy:

Myra’s mission is to create opportunity, employment, and independence for people with disabilities. She is passionate about a sub-division of Living Through Art, Inc, she created in 2014, called Abled and Ready Association.  It is  a collaboration of professional men, and women united in a mission to provide information, inspiration, education and professional opportunities for growth to individuals of all ages experiencing a difficult transition due to physical or invisible challenges. Economic and monetary restraints, limited or incomplete education and training, visible and invisible disabilities, and societal misconceptions, or gender stigmas can disempower the vulnerable.  The group stands for progress and equal opportunity for all.


Myra speaks to organizations and facilitates workshops designed to inform the public, small and large businesses about the benefits of employing well trained and highly functioning individuals with disabilities. The rewards are numerous and  beneficial to both the employer,  the employee,  and to society in general.  Workshop are designed to promote the concept of inclusion and to dismiss negative social stigmas.  There are infinite possibilities that exist for everyone if they are willing and open to change.  During the workshop, there will be fascinating stories told by individuals who beat the odds, found renewed life and motivation on their journey to success!  Independence and financial liberation are the keys to happiness.  The workshop is designed to demonstrate that individuals with visible or invisible challenges offer great value to the job market.  Myra welcomes attendee’s to share in the “anything is possible concept.”  All workshops are tailored to the organizations goals.

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