Myra Goldick is a Speaker, Author, Talkshow Host, Professional Artist, Disability Advocate, and Coach


Myra Goldick, disability advocate, fueled by passion, creativity, and Faith…

Myra’s mission is to enhance people’s lives by spreading creative energy to others, which generates a domino effect and ultimately enriches everyone’s well-being, including her own. While inspiring and motivating others to ” Dance On Their Disabilities” and to “Never Say Impossible to Their Dreams” she creates a strong positive energy.

She writes about this theory in her books and delivers this powerful message in her keynotes. Myra paints pictures with her words as she does on her canvas, up-lifting audiences to search within themselves and unleash their own creativity, helping them to focus on their dreams and creating success in their own lives.

Myra is a survivor who says, “that everyone deserves happiness and prosperity. Success and opportunities are all around us. Myra asks are you willing to do what is necessary to achieve what you really want, regardless of life’s adversities?” “Happiness is there for the taking. There is enough for everyone.” To Learn More about Myra’s book and her theory on happiness visit

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Through the use of storytelling, Myra will touch your heart, uplift your spirit, remind you that laughter heals and encourage you to recognize your own strength is the ultimate power.


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Through her radio show,” Never Say Impossible,” Myra inspires people to build their relationships, promote their message, and share what they’ve created and learned with one another.


Mastering the Art of Success


This intriguing new book by Myra Goldick and associates provides valuable insight and direction from top personal development experts to help you create a successful personal and professional life.


Artist brushes and paint


Art is a gift we can receive and we can give. Creativity saved my life, it has also become my life. Since the beginning of time, artistic expression tells the story of mankind.


Myra’s story: 

I rose from my ashes after being totally paralyzed by polio as a child, told I would never walk again, and accepting my limitation was my only option. Poverty, racial discrimination, sexual abuse, abandonment and fighting a life altering severe disability, polio, almost destroyed me. Briefly, as a young girl often, self-pity ruled my thoughts. I struggled with depression and rejection for years. In my darkest hour as a teenager, I was not sure I wanted to endure the pain of living any more. I allowed doubt and fear to overwhelm my thoughts. I clung to self-creativity, searched deep within my heart to find the courage, perseverance, and the faith I desperately needed. I fought back and became a warrior who refused to believe anyone else’s negative opinion of my potential. My wakening came as I discovered my own strength was the greatest power of all. Letting go of disappointment, heartbreak and anger was my only choice. New and exciting opportunities are always born during times of despair. I began Living Through Art, and fueled my passion for creativity. I was rewarded for my hard work. I found the path and began to rebuild my spirit. I share this message with others freely because we are not limited despite adversity, which randomly occurs throughout life. The challenge for me was finding the ability to move past self-doubt. I had to learn to develop gratitude and appreciate all that I have been blessed with. Only then was I able to embrace the future with the creativity and the faith of a champion. I believe one must never give up, and one must never say Impossible to any dream that lives within them. The Universe will listen and reward our perseverance and faith. It is a truth that will prevail. It is the first law of attraction. Napoleon Hill lives through his message, which has transformed the lives of so many. I embrace his philosophy. My mission is to help others recognize their highest potential. Renewing our strength during tough times clears our vision, so we may see the advantage within our turmoil. We are not limited, unless we believe we are. The opportunity is there for the taking when you search for that open door. A creative alternative lives within all people. Never say impossible, for anything is possible, if you believe it is. Learning to dance on our disabilities is key. read-more-button

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