Aging with grace is not always easy

Anamena aka Vanity Vain visits Never Say Impossible Radio

Vanity Vain shares the secrets of aging with grace on NSI Radio

Vanity Vain shares the secrets of aging with   grace on NSI Radio

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Aging with Grace is not as simple as it sounds.  We live in a youth obsessed society.  It is challenging not to notice that most advertisements, TV commercials, billboards, YouTube ads, and just about anything you can think of highlights the fact that youth is revered.  Hopefully,we all get older.  The alternative is worse than aging.  However, regardless of the fact that it is a blessing to grow old, most of us do not enjoy the process.  While this is seemingly more apparent in women than in men, neither sex jumps for joy the first time they are referred to as a senior.  Most of the time jumping is not an option.  Men generally age slower than women and lose collagen at a reduced rate as well.  We also judge men differently than we do women.  Have you ever noticed that most of the female TV reporters look like dolls, while the male reporters grow old before our eyes and no one says a word.

Why do men get away easier?

Why do men get away easier?


Have you ever passed a mirror by surprise, and for a second did not recognize yourself?  How about a photo that you would like to distroy?  Age has a way of creeping up on us.  Many of us believe that age is something that happens a long time from today.  Nope, it’s happening as I write this.  Yuck!

Does aging with grace means hidding all mirrors?

Does aging with grace mean hiding all  mirrors?

When we are 35 years old, we mistakenly believe that it will take another 100 years to turn 55. Then the ARRP card comes in the mail, and you think they made a mistake. Yikes!


It is a reality that most of us want to reject.  We begin to worry that we do not have enough time left to accomplish all the things that we want to achieve.  The worst part of it is the constant awareness that the clock is ticking.  The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to slow down the external signs of aging.  We can also improve the quality of our lives because we can develop into better human beings.  One of the most fulfilling experiences I had was discovering my true purpose in life and sharing what I had learned with others.

If you have your mind in the right place, all the rest seems to fall into order. Taking care of your inner self is the first step to aging with grace.  Eating a healthy diet, remaining active and hydrated, maintaining a positive mindset will promote a healthy body.  However, what are we going to do about our aging skin? We have lots of choices.

Let us examine our choices:

  1. Expensive fillers +$$$$$$$-tried it many years back, and it became addictive -I quit after a while.
  2. Facelifts-+$$$$$? Can’t afford it.
  3. Lotion and potions that don’t always work- I like them, but few do much of anything.
  4. Facial yoga and face exercises- yes, they really work. They are part of my beauty regimen.
  5. Natural products that protect and nourish the skin -the more natural they are  the more I love them.
  6. Limited sun exposure-clear Zinc Oxide works very well.
  7. Facial message- Yes it really stimulates blood flow for a more radiant complexion at any age.

I do not know about you, but I chose the last 4 items on the list.  Never Say Impossible Radio is excited to introduce you to Vanity Vain.  Anamena, her real name, will help you age with grace and look the very best at any age.

About Vanity Vain

Anamena found her purpose early in life when she decided to work in the beauty industry.   She has always taken good care of her skin and her body and searched for the most effective anti-aging techniques available.  Fitness has always been part of her lifestyle and career on her journey from Puerto Rico to Miami.

She  is certified in Skin Nutrition, Holistic Anti-Aging, Face Yoga and Aroma Therapy skin care treatments.  Anamena combines facial exercises with massage routines from around the world, including a unique Acupressure Technique to open the facial meridians  of your skin.

Her clients are world wide.  Anamena’s passion is spreading the message about how to slow down the aging process and offers the very best services to her clients while encouraging them to be happy and always wear a smile.

Don’t forget to watch Vanity’s demo when she visits NSI Radio on om 3/30/16 at 1 pm EST

Vanity Vain 3/30/2016 1 PM EST

Contact Info:

395 219 5007

email: [email protected]

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