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Lady Beth-A woman of faith working to help others live better lives

Lady Beth-and her associate Pastor Michael Fullilove discuss how we can end human trafficking

Frances Elizabeth Harris

aka Lady Beth

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Help these victims

A cry for help! You can HELP the victims of human trafficking.

Human trafficking is alive and flourishing all over the world.  I recently heard Gloria Steinem say, “Women were the most abused minority in the world. ”  The statement gave me pause and reason to think.  I immediately did a little research and discovered that 60% of all human trafficking involved women.  Although I knew that it existed I was unaware of how large a market it is.  There are approximately 21 million people enslaved in all parts of the world.  It is a repulsive abuse of human life, which includes prostitution, physical and mental abuse, domestic labor and bondage, genital mutilation, and pornography. Shockingly, the state of Florida has been tagged as a state with one of the highest incidences of human trafficking in the US.  I remember thinking Florida has beautiful beaches, pretty people, palm trees, ocean breezes, fancy restaurants, but not human trafficking right under our noses.  I was saddened to learn that it is a fact.  Slavery was made illegal in this country in 1862 when the Emancipation Proclamation was written. Today, the president of the United States has proclaimed January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, culminating in the annual celebration of National Freedom Day on February 1.


Human trafficking can happen to anyone at any place and time.

Florida is recognized by law enforcement agencies along with New York and California, to be one of the top destinations for trafficking victims across state lines and from other areas in the world.  Why can’t it be stopped? Why don’t our political leaders have something to say about this horrific crime?  It seems as though everyone has turned away. I do not think it is possible to learn about this crime without feeling enraged. We cannot stand by and know the extent of these statistics without being proactive.  It could be your daughter, sister, a neighbor who falls victim and has their lives snatched from them. It is estimated that females are at a higher risk to be preyed upon by 80%.  However, sex trafficking does not restrict the victims to any particular gender, ethnicity, or age.  No one is safe.

It is a world wide problem

Human trafficking is easy landing on the Florida coast line.

This outrageous criminal activity takes place in all parts of the world, to all types of people, in all kinds of situations.  The perpetrators of this violent crime pray on the vulnerable. One of the reasons for this is that the criminals are looking for states that have a high need for unskilled labor and strategic entry points along the coastline.  Much of Florida’s human trafficking comes from Latin America and the Caribbean.  There are higher numbers of illegal immigrants within Florida’s borders, and human traffickers prey on migrant farm workers creating conditions that promote prostitution and indentured servants.

Frances Elizabeth Harris  also know as Lady Beth, is a lady on a mission to bring awareness to the community and to help end this terrible crime.  Never Say Impossible Radio is pleased to have Lady Beth visiting today. She was born in Miami and raised in Riviera Beach, Florida.  At an early age Lady Beth (as she’s affectionately referred to) experienced an angelic visitation which led to her yearning to know the deeper things of the Holy Spirit.

Having read the entire Bible by age 11, she developed a love for missions, contemplation upon the lives of saints and ministry. An older sibling who was a classical pianist ignited her passion for the Arts.  Her desire to influence young lives, motivated Lady Beth to found the Riviera Community Art House, an artistically oriented mentoring ministry.

In 2003, she also found Beth Ministries, a global vigil ministry that, through prayer and fasting, encourages society to journey along paths toward healing via teleconferences, advocacy forums, events, narrative therapy and social reform research to end youth violence, sexual assault and human trafficking.

To contact Lady Beth call 561 907-6671

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Pastor Michael Fullilove -End Human Trafficking !

Pastor Michael Fullilove

Pastor Michael Fullilove

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