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This Audacious Woman will assit you with personal branding

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Personal Branding

First Impressions cpont

First Impressions count-personal branding counts

Personal Branding is one of the most important aspects of creating professional success in your life. What do other professionals think when you walk into a room? Are you self confident, dressed well, and look and act like a leader? Often we believe some people are simply born with that special charisma and they innately have a presence that draws people to them. In rare cases this is true, however personal branding can be learned and tweaked. Do you remember a very famous play by the name of “My Fair Lady?” It is one of my favorites. The story takes place in England in another century when a common street vendor is trained to behave like royalty. In today’s society with more and more entrepreneurs entering the job market, the importance of personal branding cannot be overstated.

The audacious woman


Pamela Toussaint NSI’s guest is the author of the Audacious Woman. Pamela is an outstanding coach, mentor, professional, instructor, image creator and motivational speaker. In many circles she is known as the AWEdacious Woman.

An audacious woman can mean different things to different people. To me it means courageous, bold, daring, creatively inventive, and extremely brave or should I say simply audacious? If you are a woman you may or may not want to be considered an audacious woman because in your mind you may think it refers to an overly defiant individual. Personally, I would be flattered to be known as audacious. In the book, Audacious Woman, the author carefully defines what is needed to create a compelling personal brand.

Corporate Arena

Dress for success

Dress for success and personal branding

When young people enter the job arena they have spent roughly 16 years in school. Many need the guidance on how to conduct him or her in order to make a favorable impression in the corporate world. During the educational years, achieving 3.0 averages had nothing to do with dressing appropriately. Learning how to behave, dress, and speak professionally can be a major adjustment. We are an extremely casual society. However, in order to go all the way to the top in most corporate settings we still have to recognize that there is a correct way and a wrong way to make an impression. This does not just apply to women; it applies to men as well.

However, stereotypes still remain and women are held to a different standard than men. All to frequently when a man appears with a shirt and tie and a jacket regardless of whether he is wearing jeans, the majority of companies will consider him appropriately dressed. That rule does not apply to women. I recently went to a conference and a very famous female speaker and businesswoman appeared on the platform in jeans. At lunch I heard people complaining that they felt she was inappropriately dressed.  However, no one complained about a few of the male speakers who wore jeans as the lower part of their outfit.

Creating success in your life in a corporate setting is a lot more than simply dressing the part. Our guest Pamela Toussaint, on Never Say Impossible Radio is going to cover all aspects of Personal Branding.

Pamela discusses-

  • Personal Branding- Which is important if you want to stand out and make a powerful Impression
  • Leadership qualities-If you want to build a team you have to be a great leader
  • Image – As a consultant, Pamela can help just about anyone create a look that will impress the decision-maker
  • Communication- How to improve on communication skills


About Pamela

Pamela Y. Toussaint, MBA

Founder & President, Ultimate Image Coach is an Author, Personal Branding Coach, Trainer, Keynote Speake, Professor

Toussaint believes that passion, a compelling personal brand, self-confidence, risk-taking and impeccable communication skills are the keys to a successful career and life.

Toussaint helps individuals and companies to ignite their brand, execute a powerful image and stand out from the crowd. She conducts corporate training on Personal Branding, Customer Relations, Leadership, Human Relations and Workplace Success Skills.

 Toussaint is sought-after Keynote Speaker for events sponsored by companies, business groups, chambers and colleges. She speaks on professional image, personal branding and career transformation strategies. She inspires audiences by sharing empowering stories of transformation from her widely acclaimed new book “The Audacious Woman: Blaze Your Own Path to Prosperity”.

Her corporate leadership experience spanned four decades. She served as a Human Resource executive and senior Client Relationship Leader with several major companies, including AT&T, Philips Electronics North America, and Mercer Human Resource Consulting.

She serves as President, South Florida Business Leadership Network. She is a member of the Chamber of the Palm Beaches, Women’s Chamber Board, SHRM, and HR Palm Beach County.

As a professor and career empowerment coach at Palm Beach State College, Toussaint works with students to build critical business and customer relations skills in preparation for successful careers.

Pamela and her husband, Gabriel, live in West Palm Beach, Florida. They love to travel, cruise, read, and dance. They are blessed with two children and four adorable grandchildren.

Follow Pamela on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ImagecoachPamT
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