Never Say Impossible Radio Talks to Lady Ann Sears


Founder of The Exalted Life International Outreach Program 

Keylogging is a new and frightening Internet threat.  I often wonder if the cyberspace criminals are out smarting us.  Each time we go online to do just about anything concerning our financial needs, banking, purchasing, or sharing the exchange of personal information to a second party, we leave ourselves and our identity vulnerable to cyber thieves and criminals.  We can’t be too careful.  Have you ever heard of keylogging?  I only learned of its existence recently.   A keylogger is software used to track and log the keys struck on your keyboard.  Wow, including the passwords to all your accounts.

It is hard to admit, but yes, I am an unsuspecting Internet user and for the most part, totally unaware of  keyloggers and the crime that is focused on just about anybody who uses a computer.  How safe do we have to be? What do we need to protect ourselves?  I have a million questions, and I believe that most people feel exactly the way I do.  Fortunately, most of us are aware that you have to be very cautious when visiting unfamiliar websites.  However, even Goldman Sachs financial services have been hacked. Our neighborhood stores, such as Target, Home Depot, and other well-known retailers have been hacked exposing our personal information to cyber criminals. What do we have to do to prevent becoming a victim?

  • Here are a few must do tips to prevent Keyloggers from hiding in your keyboard:
  • Make your passwords complicated and change them frequently
  • Don’t open strange emails which may contain malware or tracking cookies
  • Use a non-traditional keyboard layout such as DVORAK
  • Make sure you use a high quality security system for your computer and smart devices

Cyber crime is definitely a national security threat, and we are all sitting ducks. Can we live without the highway in the sky anymore?  No, of course not. So what is the answer to this daunting question?  Everyone knows you need the basic virus protection programs.  We all know not to give out personal information to strangers.  Nevertheless,  what about the thieves who creep in through back doors and half-open windows that we unsuspectingly leave open. Think of you computer as you would your home.  Would you leave your doors open for crooks to enter?

Never Say Impossible Radio has an exciting guest today. Lady Ann Sears is the founder and creator of  The Exalted Life International Outreach Program.  In her travels and interaction with the community, she discovered that many of the families she works with have been victims of cyber crimes.  Being the creative spirit that she is, she decided to help fight against these crimes.  Lady Ann joined forces with a company that is working towards helping others remain safe while using the internet. NSI Radio will also be joined by Tyrone Sabir Shabazz,  an Elite Executive Founder with Cyber Wealth 7, which is a marketing program created by Cyber Wealth Alliance, Inc.  to market Strike Force Technologies, Inc. patented bullet-proof keyboard Encrypting software.


Lady Ann and Tyrone explain everything indepth during the interview.  Click the link below to listen.

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About Lady Ann Sears:

Lady Ann Sears is a spirit – filled, electrifying entrepreneur who loves to travel and empower people around the world.  reach, She touches other people’s inner spirit through sharing and encouragement and focuses on disadvantaged women and children around the globe. She is compassionate and shares true spirit, peace and support to those who have lost hope.

Lady Ann is an event planner and has hosted various Dinner Galas, coordinated several successful networking events, and is a certified travel consultant. Her vast experience working with churches, ministers, and families have helped to reconstruct the lives of those who were lost and suffering. Lady Ann is the founder and CEO of Exalted Life International Outreach Program. It is a community-based organization that focuses on personal empowerment and progressive techniques to bring about change in the lives of the disadvantaged and dis-empowered. The goal is to enhance, educate and elevate all the lives of those they touch. Lady Ann is a woman of enduring faith who believes in a limitless God, who can do anything.

The vision: To create a safe place in our community where all hurting women and children can gather to be empowered and nurtured. Teaching new life skills in the process helped to create the healing of the body mind and spirit to bring about healthy change in their members lives.  It is a movement to create wellness in a community as a whole. The mission: The Exalted Life International Outreach Program provides impassioned rejuvenation and enrichment to all their members. The organization changes the lives of women in emotional pain, as well as children in the community. With the renewing of their body, mind, and spirit, Exalted Life International enhances, educates, and elevates all lives they touch.

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