ZEN BENEFIEL talks to NSI Radio

Your dreams do become reality when you believe they can.  If you ask most people what they envision that would create the perfect dream life for them, I sincerely doubt people would be totally forthright and reveal their fantasy life.  In many cases, there may be an element of embarrassment because their dream seems so far-fetched from their current reality. Everybody wants to achieve their goals and their dreams.  We all start out reaching for the moon. Why do so many of us dismiss our dreams and settle for a mundane and ordinary lifestyle? Is it our  fear of failure? In some cases,  it may be a lack of knowledge. Perhaps it’s because we lack the support we need when doors seem to close and we hit a brick wall. It has been clearly established that teams perform better with powerful coaches.
 Visions of a magical tomorrow are commonly called daydreams.  Many of us fear the unknown and our dreams. I dislike the term because it implies that they are not reality and therefore, easily forgotten.  Why do so many of us of us dismiss our dreams as unattainable and go about our lives feeling unfulfilled?  We know that something’s missing in our lives, yet lack the extra energy to work hard   towards making our dreams a reality.
 If you recognize yourself as having some of these fleeting dreams you are going to love meeting Bruce Zen Benefiel who is visiting Never Say Impossible Radio to share his “Be The Dream” methodology with us . Zen has assisted hundreds of people and has had  great success.

Zen Benefiel is an author, life coach and possibilities coagulator who puts people, places and things together to do some pretty cool stuff. He has an MA in Organizational Management, MBA in Project Management and Secondary Teaching Certification from the University of Phoenix, as well as Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy certification from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

An adoptee, ‘contactee’ and near-death experiencer makes him unique. Garnering the wisdom of his work in a variety of industries as a project leader empowers his ability to lead with uncommon sense and style while bridging diverse perspectives to achieve common goals. Zen believes anything is possible when people, places and things are aligned with purpose.

His professional experience includes aerospace production management, health food sales management, public event coordination and logistics management, secondary and post-secondary teaching and pre-construction partnering workshops for building, road and bridge construction projects.

He has authored over a dozen books on topics ranging from ‘alien’ agendas to intense personal development to using LinkedIn.com to build business revenue. He currently serves as a transformational life coach and business development specialist for small business concerns. He conducts regular self-awareness workshops that include guided sessions into realms few know exist, let alone visit. You can find out more about Zen be visiting his coaching and professional services website at BeTheDream.com.

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