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Helping others reach success

Helping others reach success

  Success and prosperity are attainable, if you are willing to work towards your goals

We all want our lives to be filled with success no matter what!  We wish success for our children as well.  The growth of technology is a wonderful thing, but it  has made growing up successfully today more difficult than ever before. Young people are faced with a world filled with greed, corruption, and crime.  A great deal of what our children learn is unhealthy and spoon-fed to us through TV, music, and the Internet.  Often our children’s success is clouded by negative experiences.   By the time we are adults, most of us have experienced some degree of disappointment, rejection, and maybe even failure.  When you add into the equation dysfunctional family lives, broken homes, poverty, sexual abuse, divorce, substance abuse, domestic violence, the possibility of creating success  in life may seem unattainable to young people.  It can be a challenging task for our teachers and spiritual leaders to help people stay on track and not lose their way.  Bad habits are learned easily, but extremely difficult to dismiss and replace with healthy, positive behavior.  Choosing the right associations and friends is critical.

Now that I stated how challenging it is to create a productive, successful life, you are probably wondering what I believe the solution to these issues are.  The answer is that it is up to us to be leaders, mentors, and role models for those who are just starting their lives. To turn a blind eye on the problem is failing to live up to our responsibility as adults. I have never met a person in my life that has not faced some degree of adversity at one point or another.  Many of us who have gone through our own journey of despair, and have made it back into the sunshine, are in a great position to help others.  Tomorrow provides another chance to heal. I have been fortunate to meet many giving and beautiful people in my life.  Quite honestly, when I was a teenager, I was confused and lost just like so many others.   Had it not been for people who came to my rescue for no other reason other than to share love, inspiration and motivation, I do not think I would have turned my life into the success I have enjoyed.

I have had the pleasure to meet a spiritual leader, by the name of Michael Jones.  Michael visits Never Say Impossible Radiotoday to help fill our hearts with hope for a better tomorrow.  Michael Jones, is an inspirational speaker of the gospel with a combined history of over 15 years on radio, television, the Internet, and public speaking.  As a published author, he shares his experience of  failure and finally ultimate success  as a testimony to encourage and help strengthen others  to never give up and to navigate their way through the daily mess they are confronted with.  Michael’s book, Mess To Success – A Journey To Fulfillment” is available on Amazon.com.

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 About Michael:

Michael Joneswas born in the South, and as a youngster witnessed domestic violence from his parents and grandparents. Despite facing adversity Michael, learned love and compassion and a strong work ethic.  However, while living in Detroit with his mother and stepfather, his inner turmoil took over and he became a teen alcoholic.

To escape, Michael joined the military.  Later he relocated to Connecticut to train to be a chef working in better restaurants, clubs and hotels. He won awards and trophies in competitions, catering to celebs and the affluent while being a functional alcoholic and drug user.  Michael was in pain, but went on to own a carry out restaurant and become the first minority to cater in a Jewish facility in the county.

Michael’s deep pain led him to seek a better life in the church.  It was not an easy transition, but he would not give up!  As a speaker of the gospel on the radio and sending messages across the country, he began public speaking and took a Public Access TV Production course.  Again he triumphed winning two trophies and delivers five messages per week on TV, which is streamed on the Internet.  His passion is to encourage people not to give up.  Michael inspires others to let go of negative traditions and false teaching. You can visit Michael on social media, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Michaels book “Mess to Success” is available on Amazon

Mess to Success by Michael Jones

Mess to Success by Michael Jones

 Contact Michael on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/pub/michael-jones-1a221/52/