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Angela and G. Patrick Howel


The truth about the life of a drug enforcement agent

There is something exciting about the idea of catching the bad guys and throwing drug dealers in jail.  So many young people are attracted to law enforcement. It appears noble and it certainly has the essence of power attached to the concept.  Hollywood makes everything look bigger than life.  The good guys always catch the drug dealers.  However, unless you were born into a family with a long line of drug enforcement agents as relatives, you cannot possibly conceive of how dangerous, and ugly the occupation can be. Eventually, it takes its toll on many undercover agents

Criminals are people just like you and I.  Sometimes they can be quite charming and seductive.  In some cases, one might describe them as likable. The actual occupation requires the undercover agent to mingle on a social level with these highly manipulative and persuasive characters. You have to pretend to be one of them in order to survive and do your job.  Think about that for a minute, if you are pretending to be one of them, the question arises as to how you are able to separate who you really are from one of them.  When does the curtain come down and reality begin?  The job requires that you partake in illegal activity to be accepted. Let us not forget about a money aspect of this slimy side of life. It’s everywhere and it’s very alluring.  In most cases, it is rather abundant.  Frankly, speaking, I do not know how one cannot lose control and get sucked into the cesspool. Every day, you go to work, but you must undergo a metamorphosis and live a double life pretending to be some else who may just be someone you begin to hate.  When do you start believing your own lies.?

How about the families that these undercover agents come home to?  They see the change in the person they love, but find themselves helpless to stop the erosion from happening.  Perhaps that is why there is so much divorce within the family where a law enforcement or undercover agent is one of the partners’ occupations. How can you trust your spouse when their very occupation forces them to be an actor in order to stay alive?

I can only imagine that the temptation is there on a daily basis.  All it takes is letting your guard down and slipping over the edge. Drugs, alcohol, prostitution, illegal gambling, murder, sex trafficking, extortion, grand larceny, and just about every hideous unlawful activity you can imagine becomes the world of the undercover agent.

Never Say Impossible Radio interviews G. Patrick Howell and his wife Angela. Patrick was a celebrated and respected undercover agent who fell from grace.  He tells his story of how he hit rock bottom before he could find his way back to a healthy wholesome existence. Angela shares her side of the story and how she dealt with what she was witnessing as she watched the complete breakdown of her soul mate.  She is honest about her personal struggle with a life threatening eating disorder.  Sometimes when we look into the mirror we only see what we what to see.  Angela and Patrick remove their masks and “come clean” in this reverting interview.

Listen to how Patrick and Angela survive the storm.  Today Patrick is a talented author and.  Angela has has also been drawn to the platform to tell her story as well.  Click here to listen:    Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link


About Patrick

Patrick Howell

Patrick  Howell served as a Special Agent for one of the most respected law enforcement agencies in the country.  During his thirteen year career, Patrick was involved in the investigation and apprehension of drug traffickers from the United States to South America and Mexico. His expertise as an undercover agent earned him the highest respect and recognition from his peers in the law enforcement community.  In the midst of living double lives, Patrick made a catastrophic choice that ended his career.

In an attempt to rebuild his life, Patrick achieved huge financial success in the corporate world but became even more spiritually and emotionally bankrupt. Spending the first half of his life chasing what he thought was success, what he thought would make him happy but left him empty, Patrick began to pursue his spirituality and his passions. After transforming his own broken life into one of true fulfillment, Patrick’s mission is to help others truly live and excel. Patrick is married to his soul mate, Angela and they share the love of parenting their teenage son.