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Sue Jones

An entreprenuer on a mission

Sue is an entreprenuer on a mission to win  

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Entrepreneurs often start with just an idea.  However that idea can be a winner.  Without small-business owners, the economy would wither and die.  We can never forget that mom-and-pop businesses are the backbone of many major corporations.  We all do business with these giants all the time.  We tend to forget how they started.  When you combine a vision with passion and a desire to succeed anything is possible in the minds of entrepreneurs.  Often, outrageous success is not part of the original dream.  Frequently, it is the story of someone sitting in a spare room or basement of their house with an idea.

Entrepreneurs comes in all shapes and sizes.

   The busy mind of an entrepreneur

We are all familiar with the story of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company.  Did you know that it was started at a run-down gas station in Burlington Vermont in 1978 by two guys?  Today it is a global giant.  How about the story of Walmart?  In case you did not know Walmart is the biggest corporation on the planet.  Sam Walton, began selling retail in 1950 in his five and dime store.  He kept his prices lower than his competitors and the rest of the story everyone knows.  It has been said that you have to have special characteristics to be an entrepreneur.  Actually, I think that is a complete misconception. Entrepreneurs are not born with some kind of inherited gene that makes them have a business spirit.  If you take a good look at successful business people, you will see that they practice certain habitual behavior.

It has also been said that men make better entrepreneurs than women.  That just makes my blood boil.  As women have gained equality, they have developed into formidable business leaders and entrepreneurs.

There are benefits for the entrepreneur

There are benefits for the entrepreneur

Here are a few common behaviors found in successful entrepreneurs;

  1. The ability to sell
  2. Passion about their product or concept
  3. Perseverance
  4. Leadership qualities
  5. An innovative mindset
  6. Resilience
  7. The courage to take calculated risks
  8. Innovation

Make no mistake about what it takes to be successful.  I do not think I am overstating it by saying it it requires true grit.  If you are a person who give up when the rubber hits the road, think twice before you start any kind of business.

I met a small business owner by the name of Sue Jones at a Chamber of Commerce meeting recently.  Sue personifies the small business owner. Sue works in Jupiter, Florida. Her business is promotional products and supplies all  kinds of businesses.  Sue’s products help companies create brand recognition. She has been in the business for over 10 years.  Sue is Celebrating 5 years in business as owner of Sue Jones Promotions. She is a perky energetic woman who totally enjoys the benefits of entrepreneurship.  The website states clearly that the company aims to please.  It is a full service promotional product distributor.  The products are vast and varied from embroidered apparel to custom items.  The company guarantee satisfaction, with personalized custom proposals geared toward your budget and event.  Sue Jones Promotions aims to be the BEST promotional distributor in all of Florida and beyond.


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