A simple fact of life is an individual without drive, purpose, and passion for achieving success in any given endeavor, will find that success becomes elusive and more than likely unattainable. Life presents stumbling blocks, opposition and sometimes, great tragedy. It is a person’s will to overcome and rise above their problems which motivates them and directs them towards achieving their goal. Our reward for this hard work is a sense of fulfillment and pride. This wonderful feeling of accomplishment is what heals the soul. It is called happiness.

Throughout history many people have used this very all consuming desire to succeed and overcome adversity as a catalyst to elevate them to greatness. Franklin D Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States, overcame polio. Despite his own personal struggle, he was instrumental in helping Americans regain their faith in themselves after the depression. One of his famous quotes “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” will live in history forever.

It my personal struggle to overcome a life altering devastating illness, which brought into my life a new found sense of purpose. This sense of purpose created an eagerness to rise to a higher level of accomplishment. My passion became my gift. This gift is my ability to create art. This gift materialized into a lifelong study of color. Color has an impact on the viewer, whether it is used to promote a product through advertising, or to help decorate a room.

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