Fibromyalgia  is a very painful and exhausting condition.  Nona Lightman has created a breathtaking body of artwork despite of the Fibromyalgia she fights to overcome.  Now you cannot only hang her art on your wall, but you can also wear it.


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Artist Nona Lightman


Chinese Brush Painter

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Fibromyalgia is a condition that affects millions of people in the United States today.  Studies have shown that there are many causes of this condition.  Fibromyalgia is a result of overactive nerves, which cause muscle pain, extreme sensitivity, tenderness, and overwhelming fatigue.  While, fibromyalgia is more common among women than men it can affect both sexes.  It is a chronic condition, which can cause great pain throughout the entire body.

Medical specialists have varying opinions as to the exact cause of fibromyalgia.

Furthermore, it is commonly accepted that people with any other form of autoimmune disorders are susceptible to developing this painful condition.  Often people struggling with this disorder suffer from sleep deprivation as well.  Fibromyalgia affects the level of serotonin in the body.  In conculsion, the good news is that it can be managed when supervised by a licensed medical practitioner.  There are several methods used to help relieve the chronic pain such as acupuncture, alternative holistic approaches, as well as pharmaceuticals.  Above all, it is important to remember that it is a real disorder and not imaginary.  As a result of misunderstanding the disorder, many people suffer in silence instead of seeking medical assistance.   Finally, you can live normal and productive lives even with fibromyalgia.

 Does Fibromyalgia prevent productivity and creativity?

Pink Lotus by Nona Lightman

Pink Lotus by Nona Lightman

Magnolia by Nona Lightman

Magnolia by Nona Lightman

Nona Lightman is an extremely talented artist specializing in Chinese Brush Painting.  She also struggles with fibromyalgia.  Her work is amazing and her fortitude is just as impressive.  During a recent conversation with Nona, she said, “ life goes on regardless of adversity.”  If you are unfamiliar with Chinese brush painting it is an extremely disciplined art form, which has been in existence since 4000 BC.  Through the centuries the art has evolved allowing for a more individualized style and interpretation.  Nona has shown her work in galleries throughout Florida.  She is an outstanding instructor as well.  Although Chinese brush painting can be taught and learned, seldom is it totally mastered in the same high quality found in Nona’s work.  Her art decorates walls in public facilities as well as private homes.

Nona’s art and fashion clothing

Nona Lightman recently created a new way for us to enjoy her art.  She now has a new line of clothing, which allows you to wear her beautiful creations.  NSI & DOOD Radio is delighted to have Nona visiting today.  We are going to learn about the woman behind the art.  What makes her unique and how she deals with fibromyalgia?  See the results of her perseverance.

Wear the art

Wear the art

Make a statement with Nona's art

Make a statement with Nona’s art

Carry the art

Carry the art

 About Nona Lightman

Nona discovered her passion for Chinese brush painting while on a trip to Japan.  Chinese brush painting incorporates her love for nature’s beauty and an interest in the Chinese culture.  She has been painting and learning the skills that brush painting requires for over twenty years.  After becoming skilled in this art form she began teaching many others and taught in art centers and the Dayton Museum of Art.

Nona has a Bachelors of Art and a Master’s degree in Art Therapy from Wright State University.  Galleries and private homes proudly display Nona’s work.

In addition to Chinese painting she also works in mixed media to produce abstract paintings.  In 2005 she developed a technique of an abstract expressionist style using mixed media.

 Nona’s art is  now printed on tops, scarfs, and totes. Available for purchase at 

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