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An amazing author with an inspiring story about bipolar disorder

An amazing author with an inspiring story about bipolar disorder


Bipolar disorder is one of the most common mental illnesses today.  There are 5.7 million people over the age of 18 living with this ailment.  Since the beginning of time society has unjustly stigmatized people suffering from mental illness.   It is only recently, over the last several decades, that the public is beginning to understand that bipolar disorder is an illness like any other physical issue.  The medical community is making progress treating this disorder and people are living normal, healthy and productive lives.  However, old stigmas are always slow to fade away.

Bipolar disorder does not mean “crazy”

Negative terminology such as “crazy” is still used today to describe people who are suffering with a mental disorder.  Above all, derogatory terminology for mental illness can cause great pain and suffering.   Therefore, Inflamitory language should never be used to insult or harm individuals under any circumstances.  Often children and young adults find themselves ostracized by their peers when it is suspected that they are emotionally challenged.  Trying to fit in to the norm can be agonizingly painful.  Friends and family may not understand the symptoms or know what behaviors raise a red flag.  What compounds the problem is that the person suffering with the disorder is often fearful of expressing their anxiety and mood swings to others.  They hide their pain from the world.  This can be extremely dangerous to their well-being.  Even a very loving family may not recognize the warning signs that something is seriously wrong.

There are two types of bipolar disorder.

The severity of the symptoms determine whether a patient has type I or type II bipolar disorder. Diagnosing bipolar disorder can be difficult.  There isn’t a simple answer or a quick blood test to pinpoint the problem.  Therefore, doctors use family history, behavioral patterns, and the process of elimination of other causes to make a proper diagnosis.  While both types of bipolar disorder show signs of manic episodes, followed by extreme depression, the frequency of the episodes is a critical factor in  determining whether it is type I or type II bipolar

Is there treatment for bipolar?

In conclusion, the good news is that early intervention and treatment can help millions of people manage bipolar disorder and live normal lives.  An outstanding example of success is the story of Linda Baron – Katz.  She is a courageous young woman who speaks openly about her heartbreaking experience with bipolar disorder.  In her memoir “Surviving Mental Illness” she takes you on her roller coaster ride and enlightens us with her amazing story of recovery and triumph.  Her journey is an inspiring one. Undoubtedly it will help save  the lives of others.  NSI & DOOD Radio is delighted to introduce you to Linda Baron – Katz. During her interview she will explain her personal path to wellness and why she wrote two books on the topic.


About Linda Baron –Katz

Linda worked hard to overcome her bipolar disorder.  As part of her recovery from mental illness, she became active and volunteered for a variety of mental health organizations.  She is a member of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness.)  Ms. Katz published articles about her life in New York City Voices, a newspaper for people with mental illness to share their personal recovery stories.  Today, Linda is employed, happily married, and has published two books.  Surviving Mental Illness won a Silver Medal Award by Readers Favorite for best non-fiction/autobiography.  The book also came in First Place and won the Life Journeys Award for best memoir/biography from Readers Views. Through this book she describes all of her challenges that she dealt with while having a mental illness and how she found her way back towards establishing a wellness by staying mentally and physically strong.

A second book

The title is  Peter and Lisa: A Mental Illness Children’s Story, which she co-authored with her husband Charles Katz.  It is about two adults who struggle with mental illness.  They get better with medication and support from family and friends.  It is a story that children will love and understand.  The book will help others recover from mental illness. Linda wrote these two books to show that mental illness is not something to fear, and therefore anyone can overcome life’s challenges and achieve a happy life.

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