Extraordinary is a descriptive word? Are you extraordinary? Perhaps the better question would be, do you feel extraordinary?

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Cynthia James

An Extraodinary Spiritual Advisor

An Extraodinary Spiritual Advisor

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Extraordinary is an exciting word because it conjures up a picture of something or someone who stands out from the crowd. We often refer to people with that special quality as being born gifted in some way.

That is not always how the status of extraordinary is achieved. The burning passion and the desire to reach their goals is what creates successful people. Cynthia James is an  award-winning author, transformational specialist, and international inspirational leader.  She is also a sought after speaker, workshop facilitator, coach, and is living proof that anything is possible when you believe it is. The past will not define you if you do not allow it to. Believing in yourself is the first step on the road to recovery regardless of what negativity you experienced in your life.

People always resort to blaming circumstances in their life for why they have difficulty achieving their dreams. I agree that life happens and it is not always for the better. In fact, more often it is about the disappointments, emotional trauma, illnesses, failed relationships, financial hardships, and just about every type of negative experience that stops people from excelling and allowing their extraordinary self to emerge. It is not easy to dig deep within yourself and discover the real extraordinary you. Often it takes the guidance of a trained professional to help you discover the magic within your spirit.

Cynthia James believes your extraordinary self is frequently hidden below the layers of disappointments you have experienced. With the right guidance and coaching you can remove the negative false perceptions you have about yourself. Ms. James refers to it as your extraordinary essence and teaches women all over the world how to become phenomenally successful at home and at work.  Yes, you can get past the fear of failure and step into the future with confidence.

For years Ms. James has worked to establish her phenomenal programs which consists of spiritual healing supported by workshops, training tapes, books, and one on one coaching as well as group coaching. Her programs are comprehensive, intensive, and sensitive at the same time because of her own past experiences. She works intensively with women of all ages and all backgrounds and nationalities. If you have not discovered the extraordinary within you, then you need to listen to Cynthia James.

Never Say Impossible Internet Radio is pleased to introduce you to Ms.Cynthia James.  We know you will be inspired by her positive energy. Her newest book ” I choose me” is a best seller!! A must read!

About Cynthia James

Ms. James has facilitated hundreds of workshops, seminars and keynotes, including: Omega Institute, Celebrate Your Life, Woman Arising, the Gift in Shift, the Colorado Behavior Healthcare Council,

the Women’s Success Forum, the Children’s Hospital, Spirit One Seminars, LeadingAge, and many others. Cynthia’s most recent programs and tools include: Advanced Awareness Coaching, offering depth,
focus and results for high level business leaders; and, Affirmative Living, which includes a meditation CD, Passages, and an APP for iPhones and Droids, 100 days of Affirmative Living, in English and Spanish.

Cynthia was once a working Hollywood actress, co-hosted a radio talk show, a television talk show in Los Angeles, and appeared in the movie, Sacred Journey of the Heart. She is a former Miss Minnesota Universe,
sought after as a radio guest and is a contributing blogger for YourTango.com. Thousands follow her monthly inspirational videos and her monthly newsletter and blog. Cynthia has uniquely combined
the creative arts with innovative therapeutic techniques to bring powerful personal growth, healing and expansion to individuals of all ages, cultures, and lifestyles. She facilitates the message
of her award-winning books, What Will Set You Free and Revealing Your Extraordinary Essence, worldwide and as a workshop to women in prisons. Internationally, she has led workshops in England,
Switzerland and Ireland; and, she has led a myriad of pilgrimages to various spiritual locations in France, Peru and Italy.