Musical genius is an innate gift

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Lourdes Valentin

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Musical genius means different things to all of us.  It is not a matter of musical preference, it’s a matter of talent.  Whether you like one genre or another, the talent will always shine brightly. Lourdes Valentin possesses that special kind of genius.  She has extraordinary talent and creativity.  Ms.Valentin, has created her musical brand as a performer and is known as Heaven’s Girl within the industry.

Not only is she lovely to look at, her unique and rare style blends Jazz, Blues, Classic Broadway, and Pop into a performance which is igniting South Florida audiences and spreading.  A great deal of her music and songs are her own compositions.  When listening to this songtress it is easy to understand why she is referred to as a musical genius and heaven’s girl.  Her voice has an unusual range which stuns and mesmerizes the audience.

Musical genius generally describes a person who is creative in all aspects of their performance as an artist.  lourdes has used her creativity to brand herself in today’s musical marketplace.  Branding is as important to a performer as it is to any other profession or career.

What do you think of when you think of Ben and Jerry?  How about Colgate?  My final question, who comes to mind when you think about the song,(Just the way you are)? Everyone knows the answers to the questions above.  Ice cream,Tooth Paste, and Billy Joel.   A musical brand is faced with the same challenge of creativity, if they want to stand out from the crowd.  Heaven’s Girl is a brand that is doing just that-standing apart from the crowd.

Beauty, Musical genius, and an unforgettable brand

Beauty, musical genius, and an unforgettable brand

Lourdes, has used her musical genius in many ways.  The very name she has selected as her brand ( Heaven’s Girl) is intriguing. However, the proof is in the performance which is unforgettable.  Visit her website at to find performance dates and locations.  If you are looking for an exciting evening that will send you to heaven, spend a few hours with Lordes Valentin.

About Lourdes Valentin

Lourdes was born in the Bronx from Puerto Rican parents. Graduated music school from Miami Dade College where she was trained in the classical, jazz, pop and musical theater genres. Lourdes used courage and boldness when she decided to go into the world of music on her own. She worked hard for two years developing her career while working with other bands. After forming a quartet and experimenting with different ideas, she used her musical genius to create concepts that she is known for today. The concept involves different genres, unique arrangements, and lots of improvising. The result is a rich exciting rhythmic sound, integrated with solid, warm lyrical content, which inspires and uplifts the spirit.

 Her work experiences have been an adventurous journey. Lourdes participated in Jazz festivals in Florida, and also celebrated a Billie Holiday Tribute contracted by Christian Dior. Her other accomplishments have been as a soloist with The Great Miami Symphonic Band. She is sort after by foundations, corporations and private parties.  She is presently collaborating with The Miami Big Sound Orchestra as the lead female singer and loving it.

Lourdes Valentin, also known as Heaven’s Girl, a name given to her by her pianist and fans, is on a mission to create a foundation named Heaven’s Girl.  She is passionate about her music and to help women know their value and to discover and use their talents to become entrepreneurs.  To view her story visit

Contact the office to book Lourdes Valentin for your next event- 1 305  281 3372


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