Business Consultants are in demand more than ever before.  They are recognized for their expertice and knowledge that they bring to small and large businesses.

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Penny Morey HR Business Consultant

Penny Morey – HR Consultant –  Founder

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Business Consultants for small, medium, and large companies have become a hot ticket item.   The way we conduct business in the 21st century has changed drastically since the 1950’s.  We live in a digital, global world, which is constantly expanding.  Primarily this growth is because of the introduction of new technical inventions.   It is a difficult task for management to stay on top of all the departments within a corporation.  One company might be fabulous at turning out high-end products to the public all the time.  However, they may lack the internal talent and employee strength to market themselves in this digital world.  Perhaps, management is too close to troubling problems.  They lack the ability to be objective about the business and their employees.  Business consultants are trained to see weak points within an organization that need to be enhanced.  They are visionaries.  They have experienced these issues before in several other organizations.  When a company is faced with a problem, often a trained outside person will see what needs to be done to help increase the bottom line.  Business consultants bring their experience to the table.

Business Consultants are connected to the business world

Business Consultants are connected to the business world

Downsizing when necessary  is also a concern.  Existing management may become emotionally involved with their staff.  No one wants to be the bad guy and replace long-term employees with technology or robots.  I remember a time when we spoke to a real-live person on the phone every time we called a business.   Today that is the exception.  Consultants are often called in to do the ground work.  Business Consultants with HR experience are trained to find new talent which can create new positive focus within the business.

Get help from a business consultant

Get help from a business consultant

Do you recall the movie ” Up In The Air” starring George Clooney?  Dashing, handsome, Clooney played the role of a business consultant assisting companies to clean out deadweight and unproductive employees.  I do not want to give you the impression that it is always a negative situation.  Very often, it is all about increasing the staff with great personnel to fit into the businesses ideology and needs.  Business consultants are seasoned and well-connected business specialists.  Many are masters at human resources and can find the perfect talent that can fill the void of any specific company.   It may be a daunting task for a CEO to add a team of new employees to handle a growing need. However, consultants have done it numerous times for many similar companies.  HR business consultants are up-to-date with the current labor laws and changes demanded by the government.  They can offer valuable advice regarding employee compensation plans and group health insurance plans.  Company employees are often the most expensive part of running any business.  It is important that a company knows how to fill the needs of their employees in the most effective low-cost manner.

Independent HR Business Consultants are a necessity for any growing business.  They are well connected to professionals in the business community.  It is often said, ” they have a finger on the pulse of what is happening in business today.”  It is also a misconception that they are cost prohibitive.  It is that concern which makes some companies hesitate before bringing them on board.  In most situations, they will save the business money by getting them back on track.  They are not considered part of the  companies staff and therefore do not require benefits.  Business consultants come in for a designated amount of time.  Usually they only stay until their assignment is complete.   Business consultants and their team work until the management is pleased and problematic issues are solved.

Never Say Impossible Radio is pleased to introduce you to Penny Morey, founder of RemarkAbleHR, Inc.  She has a vast history in the human resource community.  Penny has been able to turn companies around and stimulate growth.  Her experience is impressive and her interview amazing.

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Managing Director of RemarkAbleHR, Inc.


Penny is an award-winning human resource consultant, a popular speaker, a published writer, and a source of timely practical advice on

During her 25+ years in business, she has been the highest level woman executive in enterprises ranging from billion dollar Japanese manufacturing operations to leading edge high technology start-ups; and has directed human resource operations for Fortune 500, Fortune 100, and Fortune 50 companies, as well.

She has founded four successful human resource consulting practices; one in Boston, one in Detroit, and two in South Florida, as well as having headed a nationwide recruiting practice for a leading business consulting company, being named “Business Leader of the Year”.

Her current Firm, RemarkAbleHR, helps businesses to build first class workforces, providing recruiting services and employment-related advice and resources.

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