Accounting professionals can give you the correct answers to your questions.  Avoid tax nightmares with the right help.  Don’t let tax scammers steal your money!

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Harold Blotcher,EA

Enrolled Agent, Experienced Tax Professional making sure you pay least amount of taxes allowed by law

Enrolled Agent, Experienced Tax Professional making sure you pay the least amount of taxes allowed by law

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 Accounting professionals can help grow your business and protect          you from costly mistakes.

They will also help you make profitable decisions.  Accounting for a small business or a new business initially may appear to be simple.  Many people do not turn to a professional at the beginning because they are trying to save a few dollars.  Frequently, that decision ends up costing them money.  Tax laws are constantly changing.  It’s easy to make a mistake or miss an opportunity to use new tax deductions.  What we are allowed to deduct as a business expense can vary from year to year.   If you are not good at bookkeeping your records will not be accurate.  A trained eye generally notices simple errors, which can cost you a lot of money.

An independent business owner or entrepreneur tends to focus on growing their business.  They seldom worry about the IRS or taxes until the end of the year. They asked themselves, “Should I hire an accountant?” The answer is absolutely, yes.  Here are some important facts about what you need to know as an entrepreneur or business owner.  Hopefully, your business will grow, and you will need to have relationships with certain professionals such as bankers, lawyers, accountants, etc.  When you have good relationships with the right professionals, your entire business experience becomes easier.  Qualified professionals can easily answer all your questions or research issues for you allowing you the freedom to pursue and develop your business.

Accounting and the law work hand in hand

Accounting and the law work hand in hand

In many cases, the accounting professional and your lawyer will work together.

For example, is your business set up under the right business format?  Do you need LLC, S-Corp or something else?  Do you know what type of deductions you are allowed to take?  Are you separating your personal financial needs and expenses from your business?  A good accounting professional can help you make difficult decisions as to business equipment.  Do you know if you should rent or lease certain kinds of equipment?

Accounting professionals can advise you on how to interpret your financial statements as well.  People often run into trouble when they move their business from one state to another. Tax laws vary from state to state and from year to year.  Scammers are everywhere today.  Find out what to do if the unthinkable happens to YOU!

What you don’t know about taxes, your accounting professional will be able to enlighten you

Accounting professionals are fabulous for your personal finances as well.  Remember the laws are always changing.  It is an accountant’s mission to keep your tax records up to date so that you never have to undergo an audit.  However, should the IRS come knocking your accounting professional will have your back.

Never Say Impossible Radio is pleased to introduce you to Harold Blotcher.  Harold is an Enrolled Agent, Experienced Tax Professional who just happens to be my accountant.

About Harold Blotcher

Harold Blotcher is a tax professional who specializes in tax preparation and tax resolution for individuals and small business. He is an IRS Enrolled Agent licensed by the U. S. Treasury with unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. He was born and raised in Boston,Massachusetts. He is married and he has three daughters and 10 grandchildren. He is an honors graduate from Northeastern University in Boston with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance. In the 1970′ he was the General Credit Manager of Dennison Manufacturing Company, a fortune 500 company headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts. In 1980 he became self employed as the owner and operator of his own company. He started out as a disrtibutor of bingo supplies and equipment and diversified from there to include paper and janitorial supplies to institutional and commercial clients. He operated this company successfully for over 25 years.

Harold has also always had an interest in taxation and after he relocated to South Florida in 2009 he began preparing taxes for both individuals and small businesses. After earning his enrolled agent designation he opened his own office and he has been helping people both in the area of tax preparation and tax resolution where he helps taxpayers resolve and settle problems with the IRS. He is a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents, The Florida Society of Enrolled Agents, and The American Society of Tax Problem Solvers. He is also a member of the Boynton Beach, Florida and the Lantana , Florida Chambers of Commerce, and he has written several articles on various tax issues.

Contact Info: 781-363-5519

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email: [email protected]

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