Bad attitudes and negative thinking will age you at an accelerated rate.

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Smile with your cheeks

 Smile with your cheeks

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 Learn how to wear a happy face and control hollow saggy cheeks.

Bad attitudes can effect your mind/body connection.  We all have to fight gravity as we travel through life on our personal journeys.  From time to time along our path we run into adversity.  Sometimes it can be an awful life-changing event, or just a series of disappointments and letdowns.  There really isn’t anyway to escape the bumps in the road or to prevent unpleasant experiences.  It is a part of being alive and learning, as we grow older.   Harboring anger, jealousy, bigotry, greed hatred, self-pity, revenge and just about any negative emotion for long periods of time will create havoc to your body and your mind.  It will also effect the way you appear on the outside.  One of the most common side effects of bad attitudes is how it weakens our immune system and our ability to fight disease.

Do you have a bad attitude?

Bad attitudes show

Bad attitudes show

When we are very young and gravity has not shown its effects on our faces, we are able to hide negative feelings.   As time progresses and we are exposed to the good and the bad side of life, our ability to adjust is what makes the difference.   If your personality is that of a downer, it is going to show on your face, the way you hold your shoulders, and in the way you move.  A healthy mind, and a positive spirit, can help you appear decades younger than your chronological age.  I am not suggesting that you will automatically appear radiant on the outside just because you are a positive, happy, content, person filled with purpose and direction.  However, it is definitely a method that is part of the equation we need to pay attention to if we want to age with grace.

Are you wearing a happy face?

Get rid of bad attitudes

  Get rid of bad attitudes

It may seem silly, but have you ever really observed how often you think a negative thought during the course of the day?   Have you ever had those awful “what if “thoughts?  We all have experienced frightening thoughts.  Do you dwell on them?   Most people do not take notice of what they are thinking or how often they are thinking dark thoughts verses positive visions. They automatically let their mind race and fill their heads with just about anything.  The good news is that it is totally possible to control what you are thinking and actually replace negative  thoughts with upbeat sunny thoughts.  No, it is not easy but it can be done and should be done.  Let me give you an example.  Have you ever heard people expressing themselves and finishing every sentence with “you know what I mean?”  If they are given a recording of themselves using that redundant phrase over and over again, more than likely they will start hearing it as they speak.   Eventually they will correct that bad habit.  That is what will happen with your negative thoughts once you become aware of how often you are thinking about doom and gloom or unhappiness.  Try this simple experiment.  Wear a happy face even when you do not feel like it.  You will be shocked when you feel better, happier and those bad attitudes begin to fade.


What is the first thing you see when you talk to someone?  Their face is what we  look at before anything else.

When you feel good you look good.  It shows all over you.  It becomes second nature to take better care of you as well. Taking care of your body and mind will affect the way you look on the outside.  Eating healthy, staying active, and taking care of your thoughts is a natural facelift.  Facial yoga, acupressure, and facial exercises can help to make you shine in the eyes of others. Happy, healthy people on the inside and the outside are like magnets.  Not only do they attract the right people into their lives, but they also attract positive energy.

Vanity Vain

One of the most positive influencers I have met along my journey is a lovely lady named Anamena, a.k.a. Vanity Vain.  She has studied holistic skincare and anti-aging techniques for most of her life.  She practices facial yoga and acupressure regularly and has taught the technique to thousands of people all over the world.  I am one of them.

Although I am a generation older than my beautiful instructor, I see major changes in the way I look.  It makes me feel more self-confident.  I learned long ago not to allow my mind or adversity to destroy my joy of living.  However, like everyone else gravity begins to show on our faces.  Vanity has taught me some priceless techniques to enhance the way I look on the outside.  Today she is visiting Never Say Impossible Radio live via  We are focusing on teaching you some techniques that will help you get rid of your jowls and saggy cheeks.  I am posting a video with this blog along with a recording of our conversation.  I hope you enjoy learning these techniques as much as I have. Visit  to view the video.

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