NSI & DOOD Radio had a big mess up

It was all my fault

Never Say Impossible

Never Say Impossible

Egg on on your face is an expression that means you are embarrassed about something.  In my book, egg is only good on the face  when used as a facial.

Yikes, you are telling me, “the egg is on your face? ” Who me, yes me!


Egg on your face is kinda disgusting.  Egg on your face is an old-fashioned expression for the way you feel when you do something stupid.  Have you ever made a big mistake in front of others?  It definitely does not feel good, and neither does raw egg on your face.  I made a big mistake today. I had one of my favorite guests scheduled for podcast and I decided to do it on Blab.im.   Blab.im is fabulous new technology that allows for your interview and guest to be visual as well as heard.  It turned into a fiasco.  I guess I did not understand Blab.im as well as I thought I did. My interesting guest could not get into the chat room and to make matters worse I was unable to help him.

I’m sorry!

I am sending a heartfelt apology to anyone who took even two minutes of their precious time to visit my schedule Blab.im and discovered it was a big nothing.   I will make sure that the next time I schedule a Blab.im, I have the  technology down pat.   Egg on your face does happen from time to time.  However,  I am determined to wash it away.

I believe anything is possible until you say it’s not.  I will get this right.  In the mean time check out www.blab.im.

 I never give uo or give in!

NSI & DOOD Radio

NSI & DOOD Radio