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Expert on the Baby Boomer Generation

Expert on The Baby Boomer Generation

Rick is the author of

“In Search of the Baby Boomer Generation”

Generation war confusion is creating tension between Baby Boomers and Millennials?  Never Say Impossible Radio opens a discussion on the topic Wednesday January 27 at 4 pm EST-1pm PST.

Rick Bava has a lifetime of experience as a successful businessman and entrepreneur.  He also has years of research information regarding the baby boomer generation and their problems from all areas of the United States.

Wednesday 1/27/2016 at 4 pm EST and 1 pm PST

Where:  Blab.im 


What we will discuss:

Boomers are angry!

Boomers are angry!

Baby boomers are you worried about your future?

Do you have enough money and insurance to survive our longer lifespan?

Are you happy with the direction the country is moving in?

Do you think millennial’s are the generation of entitlements?

Do Baby Boomers miss the good old days of prosperity during the 50’s through the 90’s and the promise of Golden years ahead?

Millenials at work

Millenials at work

On the other hand are millennial’s tired of being called spoiled?

Do Millennials feel they are burdened by debt they inherited through no fault of their own?

Our millennial’s facing new bubbles in the economy that will make the housing bubble of 2008 seems small?

Why are so many millennials distrustful of the banking system and Wall Street?

Sign into Blab.im on any browser except Safari and join the conversation about Baby Boomers, their future, their legacy.  This is a live visual conversation.  Now you can see who is speaking.  Viewers can listen, watch and comment if they choose.  We want to know what you think about these issues.  If we work together we can make a difference.

If you can’t join the conversation, it will be recorded and posted for your convenience at https://myragoldick.com

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