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Amanda Rupley


Amanda Rupley displays mental toughness and fights to control Lupus

Amanda Rupley displays mental toughness and fights to control Lupus and wins

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Mental toughness creates winners

Mental toughness is the combination of qualities necessary for an individual to remain focused and strong regardless of how difficult their circumstances are.  Survivors are well trained in this form of mental development.  These emotional attributes can account for why some people succeed, survive illnesses, and rebuild their lives after devastating experiences.

People have endured concentration camps, horrific abuse, terrifying bouts of cancer, and just about anything you can imagine.  It has been proven that mental toughness is more important than superior intelligence for students wanting to achieve good grades.  The mind is a powerful tool.  Military training, such as the training for Navy Seals deliberately forces the trainees to resort to mental toughness, challenging them and pushing them to their limits.  Some of the most amazing stories are of how people manage illness and chronic health issues with mental toughness.  Simply put, it is about developing resilience. Do you have these qualities?  Ask yourself what you would do today if you were told you had a chronic debilitating disorder.  Would you curl up in a ball and want to give up or would you put your boxing gloves on?

Are some people just born with these outstanding skills?  In some rare cases yes, however, these skills can be learned and developed.  If you are an individual who has passion, drive, and perseverance the learning curve will come easily.

Mental toughness tips:

Remain realistic with your expectations
Failures and disappointments happen – learn from the experience.
Adapt to changing
Do not let your emotions control you
Take risks- staying in your safety zone will not develop mental toughness.
Use critical thinking
Remain grateful for what you do have.

A survivor speaks out

A survivor speaks out

Amanda Rupley visits Dancing On Our Disabilities Radio and shares her brand of mental toughness.  She is one heck of a survivor.  As a young girl, Amanda enjoyed being in the spotlight and was a commercial actress.  As an adult, with a Hollywood career and raising a family, she also faced the debilitating autoimmune disorder lupus.  One might ask, how does she do it?  The answer of course is through her positive mindset. Her determination, perseverance, and focus are major factors in her success.  Through her trials, Rupley regained her bodily and mental health, saying “I have lupus. It’s part of me and my journey.  However, it doesn’t have me, and it won’t define me.”

Her book, ” Lights, Camera, Lupus ” focuses on how she endures the physical and emotional agony of that disorder.

Amanda Rupley was born in Anaheim, California, and works as a casting director, in reality TV, entrepreneur, certified fitness instructor, writer and advocate for the Lupus Foundation of America – Lone Star Chapter.  She lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband, two children and two dogs.