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Sarah Churman

I can hear!

I can hear! An amazing medical miracle!

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Medical miracles are real.

Everybody wants to believe in medical miracles.  We all love happy endings.  However, few of us ever really experience a real life miracle.  We read about all the medical miracles and advancements that are now saving lives, which once would not have seemed conceivable.  Those of us, who live with disabilities and chronic conditions learn to live happy full lives despite our challenges.  Let us not dismiss the fact that having a disability of any kind creates a more difficult life regardless of how positive and high-spirited your nature might be.  Just like the rest of the population, people with disabilities have sunny days and occasionally experience a sense of awkwardness or even worse passing moments of frustration, disappointment, or depression.  When medical advancements are announced that relate to the specific disability affecting the individual, there is a wave of hope that engulfs the imagination.  After all, is there anyone who would choose to be disabled if there were any medical treatments that could help make a positive difference?  All too frequently the medical news that we hear regarding new discoveries and treatments are in the testing stage and years away from being offered to the public or being covered by insurance and approved by the FDA.

Have you heard about Esteemed Hearing Surgery?

When successful medical advancements are made the world rejoices. These  technical discoveries give hope to millions of people. Many forms of cancer are no longer considered life- threatening and the treatments available are less invasive and debilitating.  Many childhood diseases that killed millions or changed lives forever are now being eradicated through the administration of safe vaccinations.  Medical miracles and discoveries are wins for mankind and society worldwide.  One of the first books I ever remember reading was the story of Helen Keller, who was born without sight or the ability to hear and speak.  Her story was an amazing one that inspires me to this day.  I was 11 years old when I read that book and I remember thinking that her existence was a nightmare.  For hundreds of years before the 20th century, people with disabilities were institutionalized and forgotten by the world.  Recently, I was stunned by an inspiring medical miracle.


Sarah is a medical miracle

Sarah is a medical miracle.  Author of “Powered On”

When I discovered a YouTube video about a young woman named Sarah Churman, who was born deaf, I was transfixed.  At the age of 29, Sarah underwent surgery and received an implant that allowed her to hear the voices of her children and her husband for the first time in her life.  I was so touched that tears came to my eyes.  Not only was it a medical miracle, but it also gave hope to others living with a hearing loss disability.

Sarah Churman visits Dancing on our Disabilities Radio to share her story of courage, faith, and success.  Sarah was born legally deaf.  Despite the challenges she faced throughout the years, she never let her disability define her.  At the age of 29, she underwent surgery to implant an internal device designed to enable natural hearing.  The powerful and emotional moment when she heard a human voice clearly for the first time was captured on video.  The video became a YouTube hit and Sarah found herself on many national TV shows.

Along with all the magical sounds and the joy of hearing the voices of her loved ones, Sarah has discovered that there are ugly voices in this world as well.  Her mission is to advocate for insurance reforms that benefit others with disabilities who have been denied treatment that could change their lives.  Her passion and experience inspired her to start writing.

Sarah has written a book called “Powered On.” It is an interesting story of how she experienced disability, dealt with it, grew stronger because of it, and finally was given a gift that allowed her to overcome the disability.  It is a deeply personal story.  She openly shares her  life with others in the hopes that she will motivate those who are struggling with disabilities to live their lives to the fullest regardless of their challenges.   It is a very moving and inspiring book.



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