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Precious Feliciano

Precious Feliciano is special, gifted, and determined.

Precious Feliciano is special, gifted, and determined.


Precious Feliciano is a very special young woman.

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Have you ever had a time in your life when everything seemed to be wrong?  Not just small things, but major life changing events.  Most people have had troubles of some kind.  During those times, it is difficult to envision that the problems are going to end.  That is when most of us begin to feel depressed, hopeless and want to give up.  That kind of attitude only exacerbates the issues they are facing.  “This too shall pass” is what we all say.  However, it can feel like an eternity until the sun comes out again.   It is the emotional pain and stress that you undergo when faced with a serious crisis that contributes to the feelings of desperation.  How do you get out from under that kind of pain and begin to live again?  Some people develop great resilience during the darkest periods of their life.  People who exhibit this kind of elasticity of spirit are superheroes in my book and worthy of recognition.  In many ways their attitude of survival is a gift to others.

Inspiration from Precious

If we had a magic wand we could eliminate illness, war, bigotry, hatred, as well as other human suffering and spread love and joy everywhere.  Reality reminds us that life is full of challenges and it will not always go in a positive direction. It is at these times of despair that our inner strength comes into play.  This kind of buoyancy and resilience in the face of adversity is very powerful and has the ability to inspire others.  Dancing on our Disabilities Radio would like to introduce you to an amazing young woman.


Precious Feliciano is 26 years old and has Spinal Muscular Atrophy type II.  It is an illness that she developed as a toddler.  Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a neurological disorder that affects the motor parts of the body and the respiratory system.   She has never been able to crawl, stand, or walk.  It effects total body movements and the ability to breath.  People with this condition have muscles which are weaker than the “norm”, and will become  progressively weaker with age.  There is no known cure for this condition.  Precious is confined to a wheelchair.

                                             Adversity happens

She openly admits that there were times that were so challenging, she questioned her reason for being alive. However, after a life-threatening experience a few years ago she emerged stronger and more focused than before.  Ms. Feliciano says “At times my illness has been in the way and slowed the progress of my goals, however I have never let it stop me from achieving those goals.  I for one believe, in order to achieve, you have to believe.”  Precious has spent most of her life hospitalized.  Nothing stopped her determination to continue her education and achieve a Masters in Early Childhood Special Education from Lehman College in New York City.


Precious is an outstanding student and in addition has created a blog called “Born To Stand Out.”

It is for all who have felt lost, different, outcast, or unattractive.  It is a place of acceptance, inspiration and motivation, assisting others to feel comfortable within their own skin. She invites everyone to visit her YouTube channel and the blog, Born To Stand Out.net