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 Happiness is inside of you, so stop looking for it.

Happiness is contagious.  Have you ever walked into a room where everyone is laughing and wondered what was so funny?  Most people would want to be part of the upbeat atmosphere because we all want to feel good.  Not knowing why others are laughing can make a person feel excluded and left out.  When invited to join in the enthusiastic crowd, more than likely, the individual will end up laughing as well.  This is often the reaction even when he or she is unsure of what the joke was about in the first place. Being around happy people will enhance the mood of even the most negative person.  Shockingly, some people will resist happiness  and feel annoyed by it.  It is almost as though they enjoy being glum or it is so habitual they feel stuck in a negative pattern.  Perhaps that is the theory behind canned laughter on some TV shows.  Laughter is appealing, and it signifies a sense of happiness that entices others to want to be part of the action.

Another example of contagious behavior is when one person yawns around others it can infect an entire room of people.  That one unconcealed yawn can make everyone who sees or hears that yawn suddenly feel tired.  Within a short period of time many people who witnessed that first yawn will be yawning as well.

Negativity is also infectious.  Think about the way a person  feels when walking  into a meeting or class where everybody is sitting stone faced looking extremely serious and distressed.  I think the average person would want to turn on their heels and exit immediately.  Unfortunately, negative attitudes are also contagious.  We have all witnessed this type of human reaction at riots and at violent uprisings.  Because we know that behavior is contagious it makes sense to surround yourself with people who exhibit a positive mood.  Complaining can become a way of life.  Believe it or not some people practice being miserable.  No matter how good and comfortable his or her life may be they will find something to complain about.

The point I am making is that the behavior of others can affect the way you feel and think.  If you are a low energy individual, surround yourself with high energy and achieving people.

We only have one shot at this life, don’t waste it away hoping someone will save you.  Starting changing your life today.  You have the power to dave yourself.  I can help you.

Speaker, Storyteller, Survivor, Talk Show Host, Auther, Disability Advocate

Speaker, Storyteller, Survivor, Talk Show Host, Auther, Disability Advocate


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