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Annette Rawlings


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Can you define art?

Creativity is everywhere.  Look around you.  Notice the influence of creativity on everything you see.  Think about what you are looking at.  The designs of the furniture, the color of your walls, the clothes you are wearing.  They are all forms of art.  Can you imagine a world without art?  We live surrounded by art and many of us don’t even notice.  We take the presence of creativity for granted.  Advertisers know how color and design affect us and use it to their advantage.  What a boring world this would be without creativity.  Would Steve Jobs have been so successful without his burning desire, vision, and creativity?

Why are some people more creative then other?

Have you ever wondered why some people are driven by creativity?  They seem to display a need to express themselves in various forms of artistic endeavors at an early age.  Are some people born with the gift?  Usually their talents emerge in childhood.  Sometimes, artistic ability shows up in a visual form, but it can also be musical talent or literary expression.  Many times it manifests itself in all the above forms of creativity.  The desire to create is embedded in the artist’s psyche and is always present in one form or another.  Did you know that corporate leaders consider creativity an extremely important personality characteristic when hiring leaders to join their workforce?  Creative thinking solves problems, helps formulate new trends, and builds pathways to the future.

Who benifits from creativity?

Creativity is a gift, not only for the creator but it is also a gift to the viewer or receiver.  A good book is a work of art.  The interesting thing about creativity and art is that it is completely subjective.  A piece of art can be pleasing to one person and of little value to another.  This is true for all forms of self-expression.  That’s what makes it so exciting.  Art is always evolving and creativity never sleeps.  Look at the various forms of art through the centuries.  Each era tells a story about the society from which it was derived.  I’ve often wondered why it changes form and who decides what is truly art when something new and different emerges.  Unique creativity is not always accepted and embraced immediately.  Artists often have to  work at other endeavors to support their creative desire.  It is definitely a challenging career choice.

The story behind the artist

Does living a difficult life enhance creativity?

Today we are going to focus on the the story behind the creativity of an amazing artist, both visual and  literary.  I’d like to introduce you to a gifted creator by the name of Annette Rawlings.  She is recognized around the world for her ability to create modern, simple, colorful designs of the world around us. Her art has been displayed in museums around the world, such as the Louvre.  Not only is Annette talented and creative, she is a survivor.  Her story is so intense that she has written her memoir called Upside Down & Backwards.  Never Say Impossible Radio is pleased to have Ms. Rawlings visiting to share her inspiring story with you.

About Annette Rawlings

   Annette Rawlings is a graduate of the University of Miami, with a degree in Art History and minor in Eastern Philosophy. She studied fine art in Europe and the U.S. Annette exhibits in museums and galleries in the U.S. and Europe such as the Miami Art Museum, Virginia Miller Galleries and the Louvre in Paris.

Primarily exhibiting in New York and Paris her art is currently at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County through December.

Contact information:


Website: Annetterawlings.com