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Butch Bellah

Butch Bellah-Superstar salesperson

Butch Bellah-Superstar salesperson

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 What can you learn from a superstar?

Superstar salesmenship

A superstar salesperson really does have secrets.  Have you ever wondered how some people become a superstar salesperson so quickly?  The answer is simple.  If you want to be a pro you must learn from the best salesperson you can find.  Selling to others is really quite a unique craft.  Is there a special methodology that an excellent, superstar salesperson uses?  The answer is yes.  The key is to put what the pros have taught you into practice.  Start building your goals, think about it, plan for it, create your success.

Never Say Impossible Radio is pleased to have Butch Bellah joining us today. Butch has many years of experience and an outstanding business development and sales career.  Today Bellah will share some of his expertise with you.

How do you become a superstar salesperson?

If you have never been a salesperson before and you are considering entering the sales arena, try a simple experiment right now.  Look around your room and grab the first item you can put your hands on.  Then try to sell it to someone in your home or even to yourself.  I tried the test myself.  The first thing my eyes landed on was my iPhone. That was a no-brainer because I love it.  Then I looked around for something less obvious. There it was, my headset, which I don’t particularly love.  It wasn’t so easy to sell it back to myself.  So how does a salesperson get past their own feelings about an item they may be selling?  What is the secret?  The good news is that secrets can be shared and of course they can be learned.

Cool superstar sales person ideas

  • Set goals and build your business one client at a time.
  • Love your product and believe in it’s value
  • To be great at sales you have to be able to figure out what your potential customer may need and want.
  • Know who and what your competition is doing
  • Don’t out talk the potential customer
  • Learn to listen to your client
  • Entertain your potential client-everyone loves a good story
  • Keep your word.  If you commit to calling back in one week, do so.
  • Give some extra service. Everyone loves attention. Your clients will thank you by giving you referrals.
  • Gain their trust and keep them coming back for more.

 About Butch

Author, speaker, sales, trainer

Butch Bellah is the owner of Dallas-based B2 (B Two) Training & Development where he works with salespeople and organizations to gain more appointments, win more business and retain more customers. From his first corporate job at 21, it took Butch only 4 years to be promoted to Division Sales Manager, then another short 5 years to Vice President of Sales. At 35, he and a business partner acquired controlling interest in the company he helped build from a $35 million local business to one of the largest wholesale food distributors in the nation with annual sales almost a quarter-billion dollars.

During his rapid ascent to sales and financial success, Butch also spent 10-years as a professional stand-up comedian—honing not only his public speaking skills but enjoying what he calls “the best sales training I ever received.”

In May 2009, Butch underwent triple-bypass heart surgery at 43-years old, completed cardiac rehab and ran his first 5K 190 days after surgery. He’s since completed dozens of 5ks, 2-10k’s and two half marathons.

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