Never Say Impossible Radio (NSI) Inteviews Cortina Jackson

Author of “On Earth As It IS In Hell”

Cortina Jackson

Cortina Jackson-an emerging, talented, storytelling author

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  Storytelling is the key

Storytelling is as old as humanity.  Before we had tools to write and make symbols, we drew pictures on the walls of caves.  The very first book a baby interacts with is a picture book that tells a story.  Nothing is more informative, engaging, educational and entertaining than a good story.  Everyone loves a story.  Storytelling has always been our first form of communication, whether it is delivered with drawings, the spoken word, or the written word.  The Bible, whether it is the Old Testament or the New Testament is a series of stories with deep religious and moral meanings.  It is the oldest storybook in the world that never gets boring or worn-out.  The stories within the Bible are often used as the backbone of modern fiction and thrillers.  The battle between good and evil and heaven and hell will always stimulate our thoughts, fantasies, and above all our fears.

Can you turn an idea into a book using storytelling?

Storytelling using the written word.

Storytelling using the written word.

We have all heard that most people have at least one good book inside their heads.  However, do you have what it takes to tap into your own personal lifes experiences, delve deep within your imagination and build a fictional book?  Have you ever wondered how it was done and if you could create a book that tells such a great story that the reader does not want to put it down?  Let us briefly walk through the basic steps of creating a fictional novel.

The idea comes before anything else.

The idea becomes alive through storytelling

The idea becomes alive through storytelling

  • The idea, passion, perseverance, focus, and literary knowledge is the first step.
  • Keeping a journal of ideas always helps.
  • Character development comes next. There is always a protagonist and an antagonist, as well as supporting characters.
  • The author must paint pictures with words that describe details so vividly that characters become alive and step off the pages of the book.
  • The surrounding scenery must be described artistically with words that sets the stage as clearly as a Broadway play.
  • The development of dialogue supports the storytelling and enhances the characters as they engage with one another.
  • The author must be able to create a balance between the storytelling, the surroundings and scenery, the dialogue, and the story idea so effectively that it leaves the reader anticipating the outcome of the novel.
  • It is a balancing act between this story, the characters, descriptive scenes, and dialogue. It is not an easy task.

Today on Never Say Impossible Radio, we have an author that has managed to do all the above in an exciting and captivating novel named “On Earth As It Is In Hell. ”  Her name is Cortina Jackson.

About the author Cortina Jackson

Cortina Jackson is the mother of two sons.  She has written, and self-published the fiction thriller, “On Earth As It Is In Hell.”  She received her Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, and has over 18 years of law enforcement experience.  With Cortina’s experience and knowledge in law enforcement, she has seen firsthand that; oftentimes, life is scarier than fiction. This has given her a basis for the material in her writing that often seems too detailed to be true. Cortina currently resides in McKinney, TX where she is finishing her second Master’s degree in Safety, and her next novel; and she is enthusiastic about sharing her passion for writing with you.