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Soul mates are often created in our minds and sometimes based on unrealistic expectations.  The unanswered question;  is there such a thing as a perfect soul mate for every person?  Where did the term come from anyway?  In case you are interested it originated inPlato’s Symposium, which was written in 385–380 BCE.  I tell the rest of the story during Shey O’Shey’s interview.  It is a term that is often used frivolously.  People tend to use the term when they marry, and quickly forget about it when they divorce. What happened to your soul mate when you are in court  fighting over the custody of the family dog or alimony payments.  Sometimes that soul mate you married can turn into an enemy from hell.  At that point,  most of us discover that we must have more than one soul mate.  The search starts again and hopefully the next time we will not be so quick to believe that your partner will turn out to be your perfect mate.

Are soul mates real?

Are soul mates real?

By the time we are teenagers, most of us are beginning to have fantasies about their perfect partner for life.  These images of the perfect soul mate are created in our minds based on who we are, what we think of ourselves, and what we would ultimately desire in a partner.  I would go so far as to say many dream about a partner that is so perfect it is inconceivable that they would truly exist in reality.  When you ask people what they are looking for in a partner, the answers almost always include the following; good-looking, intelligent, great sense of humor, adventurous, and I could go on and on.  However, what does a great sense of humor really mean?  What makes me laugh may not be funny to my partner.  How about adventurous?  To one person it means a fancy hotel in Paris and to others it is roughing it while camping or jumping out of a plane.  I’ll take the hotel in Paris.

As we mature and enter the dating game we start storing information about each and every relationship we have, both long-term, as well as the one time date.  However, what happens if you do not really know who you are at that point in time in your life?  Are you going to pick the wrong partner simply based on the way they look?  Let us not forget about sexual attraction and the role it plays in the dating game.  Perhaps you may even make a decision based on what you think they are going to provide for you in life and help fill in the missing gaps within your spirit?  It is always a mistake to project onto another an unrealistic image of what you feel the perfect partner for you would be.

Based on the current divorce rate something is drastically wrong.  Finding a soul mate or relationship building is not a topic taught in school or at home and it is sadly missing.  Breakups and divorces destroy lives and create financial hardships a great deal of the time.

Today on Never Say Impossible Radio, we have a relationship expert visiting to help clear up some of the mystery surrounding the never-ending quest to find your perfect soul mate.  Shey is the author of several books, and hosts an online radio show.

About Shey O’Shey:

Shey O’Shey is a columnist, contributor, Reiki Master, minister, author and Head of Mind, Body, & Soul at Do the Right Thing. She is from the southern regions of Louisiana. Shey is the author of two relationship books, The Soulmate Agenda and What She Thinks and Wants. She is also creator of the Soulmate Project. Shey began writing about relationships years ago when she saw news reports of relationships ending in tragedy. She believes everyone deserves a loving and lasting relationship. Shey is constantly researching and learning methods and comprising her findings into relationship enhancers. She does not condone nor teach gimmicks or manipulation techniques.

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