Never Say Impossible Radio interviews Leroy Christian

 A discussion about money and how to plan to have it last your entire life

Money to retire on

Money to retire on?

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 Money worries are making many people unhappy.  Money and how to hold on to it in retirement seems to be on everybody’s mind today and a common topic of discussion.  It is a looming threat and creating a great deal of stress.  Retirees are finding themselves in financial survival mode.  Gone are the days of working until you were 62 and then collecting Social Security Income and having  enough money to enjoy your golden years.  Today many people work well into their 70s and still struggle to make ends meet as they age.  Younger people are graduating with enormous student debt and they have little hope of crawling out from under their burden.  Additionally, our youth as they enter the work force frequently neglect to have any kind of life insurance which may leave them vulnerable in a crisis.

Many people who have worked their entire lives are finding that their Social Security payments are simply not enough. That is when the money worries begin.  If they are fortunate enough to have been employed by an industry that allowed them to have a pension it can supplement Social Security enough to keep them comfortable.  Unfortunately, way too many individuals do not have any other income or plan above and beyond Social Security income payments.

Start for planning for tomorrow right from the beginning

Start for planning for tomorrow right from the beginning

The easiest way is to start planning for retirement is the day you begin working at a young age.  Most people seldom start early nor do they plan for sudden illness that may disrupt their paycheck.  Today in our unpredictable economy many financial planners are suggesting that 401(k)s and IRA’s be rolled into an annuity.  Other financial advisors suggest systematic withdrawals of invested money.   Remember,  if you wish to draw on your investments as a supplement to help you financially, never withdraw more than the interest you earn on an annual bases.   If so, you may drain the principle and run the risk of depleting your savings.  Investors be forewarned, our  stock markets  are  volatile, so do not plan on huge gains.  One word of caution regarding annuities.  There are all kinds of annuities on the market and there are a few things you have to look out for, like high fees, or penalties for early withdrawal, and accessibility to your money when you need it in an emergency.  Please read the fine print before you make any rash decisions and consult with a qualified financial planner such as Leroy Christian.

Never Say Impossible Radio is pleased to have Leroy Christian visiting today and addressing some of the finanical concerns we all face in today’s economy.

About Leroy Christian

Leroy Christian has a great deal of experience as a former schoolteacher, accountant, auditor, and businessman.

Today Leroy’s focus is on financial planning. He is a Freedom Equity Advisor. He specializes in Family Protection advice, Long-Term Care planning, Annuities, Retirement planning, 401K and IRA advice for individuals, as well as corporate services for small, medium, and large businesses.

Through Freedom Equity,Inc, Leroy’s mission is to create a new generation of business people who are equipped to plan their own financial freedom, to help others do the same and be prepared for the future.  He is building a team of professionals from all walks of life to spread knowledge and information through online and off-line networking and marketing.   While at the same time building their personal wealth through an additional stream of income.

Please remember that Leroy is working with students who find themselves saddled with huge college loans to pay down their debt at an accelerated rate and often  before they have graduate from school. Todays graduates are our future.

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