Never Say Impossible Radio Interviews Lori Wilk

Lori Wilk

The Princess of Curation

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Lori explains how:

You will learn how to be found online.

How to use successful content created by others.

How to collaborate.

And lots more

 Success is what everyone is trying to create. What does success mean to you?  Can you easily define it?  Do you need lots of money to be successful? It can be a tricky question. If I told you that I know a man named John Doe that is successful, what kind of person would your mind visualize? An entrepreneur, online prosperous marketer, highly paid Fortune 500 executive, medical professional, renowned politician, a recognized celebrity, or family man and father with an average job barely managing?  At the end of the day that family man may have accomplished considerable success by putting his kids through college and remaining happily married to the same woman for his entire life.

It is an interesting question because I believe that most people measure success by the amount of money you are able to earn regardless of a failed personal life.  The family man was clearly living on a tread mill trying to keep up with the cost of living.  However, he did not sacrifice his personal success for wealth.  Great wealth does not define success for everyone and acquiring lots of money does not label you as prosperous in all areas of your life.  If you are in the group that believes that a fat bank account equates with success, then I think this article is for you.  I recently met Lori Wilk at a networking event.  She hosts an Internet Blog Talk Radio show called Successipes.  Lori is known as the Princess of Curation  because she has the unique ability to visualize what many small-business owners and entrepreneurs cannot.  Often entrepreneurs are emotionally involved and cannot see missing links.  Lori Wilk visits Never Say Impossible Radio to discuss success and marketing in 2015.

Creating and developing your own business is very exciting at the beginning.  Somewhere along the journey many new business owners discover all the things they missed at the start up.  Sometimes this discovery comes way too late.  It is before that crucial point that we often need the objective input of a business coach.

Here are 10 success recipes tips:

  1.  Create a business plan. Remember without a plan you will never be able to get outside funding and it will also help you to focus. Many times it works just like goal setting.  A business plan is often changed as the business grows.
  2. Know what your competition is doing.  Research other successful businesses and dig deep. Create a cash flow as soon as possible by adding multiple streams of income.   Studing what others are doing right can save you costly mistakes.
  3. Remember, at some point the business has to support itself. Do not underestimate the cost of running your business.  In fact, it is suggested that overestimating expenses is the way to go.  Investigate the various forms of legal business formats.  You have many options, so choose what works the best for your type of business. You may need legal advice as well.
  4. Figure out the most cost-effective ways to market your products.  Create a marketing funnel. Knowing how to do it before hand can make all the difference and elimate stress.
  5. Don’t discount the goods you are selling.  Add value to them to create a more compelling product.  Competition is all around us.  Why are your products better than others?  Know your competitive edge.
  6. Learn as much as possible about social media.  Go to webinars and trainings so that you can keep up with the trends. You will need to use several platforms to spread the word.  By doing so you will attract followers by your appearance of success.
  7. Be sure that your business  is visible on mobile devices.  You have no choice, it’s the way of the future.
  8. Authenticity is important.  Honesty is the best approach and allows for others to gain trust.  Admit mistakes and take responsibility.
  9. Plan ahead for unexpected events. There are always hiccups, so being prepared for problems can help your business succeed.
  10. Create strong business affiliates. No one can do it alone. Collaboration can be the icing on your cake and grow your business over night.  Joining up with successful people in a venture is a winning formular.

About Lori Wilk: Lori Wilk

Lori is an entrepreneurial strategist helping business owners expand and define their online presence, yielding more return and greater success.  Lori Wilk of Successipes  helps business owners expand and define their online presence, yielding more return and greater success. She uses her diverse array of talents and professional experience to lead entrepreneurs through the unsure waters of on-line marketing to help them establish an Internet presence and push their brand out to greater markets. In addition, Lori Wilk uses her background in motivational speaking, marketing and as a broadcaster to work more traditional promotional angles for a comprehensive marketing push that covers all bases. Lori is excited about her new debut on as a new tv host this fall.  BYL Network, Inc. (Better Your Life) is a multi-channel network that has developed a proprietary broadcast system featuring “Live” and “On-Demand” programming to motivate, educate and entertain millions of people around the world.

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