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Rocky Krogfoss

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Rocky’s  mission is help others heal, deal with stress, and develop stronger relationships.

Stress is a big issue in our world today.  Everyone experiences stress at times in life, and we all know that stress is difficult to define because it is different for everyone.  Do you know what causes you to feel tense? What upsets you does not necessarily rattle others or family members.  Stress can create strain on relationships. However I think we can all agree that this indefinable thing called stress is a state of mental or emotional tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. We are also knowledgeable about the long-term effects of stress on our bodies. But Let me ask you this, can stress ever be a good thing?  I can say that there were times when stress in my life was a necessary evil….like the first time I ever conducted a radio show.  I was definitely stressed, but that stress made me rise to the occasion  and personally develop.

 So many things cause stress.  A traffic jam when you have an appointment, and you are running late can cause havoc with your emotions.  Believe it or not, I gets stressed every time I give a speech, even after all these years of public speaking.  Do you think famous actors become stressed every time the curtain goes up?  You bet they do.  However, is that bad stress?  Sometimes we need to get our  adrenaline  speeded up.  Why do so many of us watch scary movies?  Certainly, we get stressed just before something  frightening happens,  but we love the feeling of those heightened emotions.  Do we call that bad stress?  I get upset and freaked out every time my husband does not pay attention to my conversation or seemingly appears to tune out.  Without a doubt, I would describe what I am feeling at that time as negative stress.  May I clarify my point by saying that stress becomes negative when we perceive that we have little or no control over changing a demanding situation.  Remember, if it is out of your control, you must let go and practice stress relieving behavior.

Chronic stress has many bad side effects when left uncontrolled:

  • Hormone levels tend to fluctuate.
  • You may experience an increase in physical aches and pain.
  • Your immune system will become  compromised.
  • Your digestive system will suffer.
  • Your emotional state will become unstable
  • Negative thinking can get out of control
  • Abusing food or alcohol can be dangerous

About Rocky Krogfoss:

Rocky was the oldest of 5 boys from a broken home. He experienced an abusive and violent childhood. Rocky lived in fear 24 hours a day from a very angry father. His Inner Child became programmed with a lot of anger and unworthiness. At 38, he experienced an emotional breakdown. That led to a healing journey that clearly showed how incomplete traditional medicine is and it forced him to seek out alternative healing on a litany of unworthiness beliefs he was carrying but did not recognize. He spent 10 years healing very deep wounds with a gifted channeling healer. Rocky was guided to study Quantum Energy Healing, Quantum Physics and Spiritual Science. He became devoted to mastering the wisdom of new supportive science and spiritual energy law, also known as The Law of Attraction. Rocky’s Quantum Energy Healing work which includes distance healing has been highly successful. He is helping men and women around the world heal all issues around physical pain, mental health, relationships, and virtually all stress related programming. For over 10 years Rocky has been teaching various healing workshops and speaking professionally for more tham 10 years.

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