Never Say Impossible Radio interviews Gary Kissel

LinkedIn & Mobile Content Strategist

Knowledge is power when it comes to LinkedIn

Knowledge is power when it comes to LinkedIn


LinkedIn Magic is a topic that Gary Kissel is an expert at.  He is a LinkedIn Coach, Speaker, Author, Workshop Presenter, as well as a Mobile Content Strategist.  LinkedIn is a necessary part interacting with other professionals in the market place today.  However, it is a platform that has many moving parts. Gary used basic level Linkedin to build a thriving era estate business. Yes, sales, sales, and more sales just by using LinkedIn correctly. Getting the most out of it is not something easily understood.   Never Say Impossible Radio is pleased to have Gary Kissel visiting us to explain some of the common concerns LinkedIn users have regarding this ever-metamorphosising platform.  Gary gives seminars to groups and businesses, as well as one-on-one training to individuals seeking to improve their online professional presence.

Gary’s expertise and coaching covers topics such as;

  •  How to improve your LinkedIn ranking
  •  Proven strategies to help target the people you need in your network
  •  How to improve your profile page
  •  How to discover some of the hidden LinkedIn secrets
  •  How to use LinkedIn’s publishing tool

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Ask yourself if you remember where you were the first time you heard the name LinkedIn?   I do.  I was taking a Web Design class around 2007. The instructor was talking about how to connect using social media. At that time, I was hardly savvy regarding networking online and social media.  There was something about the name ” LinkedIn ” that appealed to me.  Well by now you probably know where I am going with this.  LinkedIn has evolved since its inception in 2003 to the present as one of the most professional social media sites in the world.  I am putting heavy emphasis on the word professional.  LinkedIn does not appeal to teenagers, or to an audience where people post pictures of their family, friends and pets.

It is an amazingly profitable company, and it is publicly traded on the stock market.  The focus of the company is to assist business professionals who want to network, seek jobs, and promote their small to large businesses and become actively engaged with connections that will be helpful in their endeavors. They have millions of users worldwide as well as branches in foreign markets globally.

It used to be very hard to connect to people you did not know on LinkedIn.  In fact, it was frowned upon. Has LinkedIn has done a 360° turn?  Their algorithm is constantly suggesting, ” people you may know ” to help in your quest to widen your network and increase your connections.  Becareful and make sure you really do know the people you are connecting with.   In my opinion, that is where the problems begin.  I get invitations to connect from people in every corner of this planet.  But how useful are these connections?  Building relationships is what counts, right?  Do you do business with people you do not know, or do you prefer to interact with people you like, know and trust?  As more people become aware of the value of LinkedIn, more empty invitations to connect started flying around in cyberspace.  I used to try to answer everyone individually.  People boast that they have 30,000 connections.  Well, no thank you.  There is no conceivable way you can build a relationship with 30,000 connections in one social media platform.  I prefer to keep my connections fairly relevant to what I do professionally.  I would also like to add that as LinkedIn has exploded so has spam, which floods all of our LinkedIn inbox’s daily.

Meet the right connections on Linkedin

Meet the right connections on Linkedin

Personally, I believe it all boils down to the fact that we can never stop learning how LinkedIn operates if we want to be effective on their platform. This makes Gary Kissel very valuable because it is his professional focus to be up-to-date on all the practices, rules, and regulations of LinkedIn.

 About Gary:

Gary Kissel

Five years ago Gary started to build a real estate business on LinkedIn. Even back then, LinkedIn was recognized as the world’s #1 business network. He used its search engine to find, connect and engage with investors.  Some of those contacts bought—and some are still buying—south Florida properties from Gary.

However, Gary’s passion is teaching, and that is why he developed a coaching and speaking business. He loves to take the “mystery” out of using LinkedIn by showing professionals how to grow their businesses “beyond belief”.   LinkedIn is a dynamic evolving network and Gary continues to learn new aspects about it all the time.

Spend time with Gary and he will show you how to discover unimagined opportunities via LinkedIn!  Gary has 59 LinkedIn Secrets to share. Learn from an experienced user of LinkedIn that is actually making money from it!  Gary works with individuals one-on-one and  conducts an interactive group seminar called “Cashin’ In On LinkedIn”.

Gary Kissels Contact Info: 561 716-4359, Email: [email protected] Twitter: yourlinkedincoach, LinkedIn Profile: