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Tom Dudley

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Laughter heals and music creates magic.  When you mix the two together and add  a little wisdom the experience  can be truly phenomenal.

Few people realize that laughter is the best pick me up in the world, while music can take you to a different time and place, and a wise speaker can make  a lasting impact on your life.  Tom Dudley does all three.

Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling tired and down, going to a funny movie can totally change your attitude and your energy level?  The same is true for music that is upbeat in nature.  Think about movie music for a minute.  Dramas and horror films are usually filled with dark, somber sounding music, while comedies have you humming along and tapping your foot.

My guest, Tom Dudley is a professional speaker and musician who understands exactly how to captivate his audience with laughter, storytelling, and music.  Tom sings the blues but his music is far from a downer, and his stories are filled with humor.  I am a big fan of the Blues.  It is a unique form of music with deep roots in American history.  The music originated in the 19th century in the heart of the South and was created by slaves, and the descendants of slaves.  Often the lyrics dealt with personal struggles and hardships, but the music tells a story of survival and focuses on overcoming adversity.  Field workers, chain gangs, and cotton pickers sang this emotional music, which was based on their African roots to get through their long hours of grueling work.  It is heart felt in nature and strangely uplifting regardless of the lyrics.

So, let’s recap:


Laughter relieves stress.

It enhances the oxygen in your blood, which has a positive effect on all your organs

laughter also improves your immune system by  eliminating negativity.

It can help reduce pain.


Is a universal form of communication?

Up-beat music affects the brain in a positive manor.

Music is often used as a mood-altering therapy for depressed and anxious people.

It stimulates emotional responses.


Communicates a message in an entertaining manor.

Stories are not forgotten.

Stories teach lessons learned.

 Tom Dudley uses his stories, his musical talent, and his natural ability to be humorous to captivate his audience. Never Say Impossible Radio is pleased to have Tom share his story with us today.


About Tom Dudley:

Tom, owner of R Club Productions, developed “88 keys to Freedom.”  This program inspires change through a creative process focused on open communication. We use success principles and the power of music as a common denominator to set and reach goals to build a group or an individual’s self-esteem and self worth.

Dudley is a business professional and an entertainer available to consult and or work with corporate team building events, public speaking and projects that assist at risk youth or adults.

Accomplished Businessman, Singer, Songwriter and Performer with a passion to overcome self-limiting beliefs. Tom is a well versed coach an expert on the following topics.







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