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Client Retenion Mentor/Online reputation management expert/and Small Business Consultant/ Speaker

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Reputation management online is an important part of branding your business and protecting your image.  Have you ever had your online reputation tarnished by a person with ill intent towards you or your business?  It is definitely something no one wants to experience.  You may find yourself defending an untruth that could tarnish your image.  Social media is wonderful when good news goes viral.  However, it can be a nightmare when a lie begins to circulate and it’s about you.  One nasty comment on Angie’s list can ruin a business.  We join so many social media platforms and  focus on the ones we understand well and ignore others.  That can be a mistake because these platforms when left unattended can be damaging to our image.

Social media has changed our lives.  Most of us fumble through it trying to learn as much as we can through video’s and webinars.  However, the truth be told, in order to stay on top of this ever evolving medium you need a great coach.  We run businesses which leave us little time to learn the do’s and don’ts.  Most of us have violated all the rules in the beginning.  It can save you a lot of wasted time by consulting with a knowledgeable trainer. NSI Radio has a treat for you today because our guest is Yvonne A Jones, Client Retention Mentor/Small Business Consultant and Speaker who has some eye opening tips for you.

Reputations have been ruined by negative gossip since the beginning of time.  For some reason, as human beings we tend to believe negative press far more easily than we believe positive accolades.  I remember standing in the checkout line at the supermarket and reading headlines about movie stars that were less than complimentary.  I did not want to believe what I was reading.  Now the problem has become more prevelant because of the Internet. The sad thing is that what is online is not always true.  The issue is so much bigger in 2015 with the growth of digital online marketing spreading information throughout the world.

With the growth of the Internet and social media networks’ popularity, spreading bad press about an individual or a corporation has become easier than ever.  Most individuals are completely naïve about how easily their reputation can be ruined online.   It is alarming for small businesses and corporations that spend lots of time developing good customer relations only to find that a few bad reviews can drop their ratings drastically. The issue is so much bigger in 2015 with the growth of digital online marketing spreading information throughout the world. Protecting your online reputation is critical for a successful business, and it does take vigilance.  How do we protect ourselves from these  possible attacks when we are focused on growing our businesses?   My advice is to find a great coach who is well trained in the art of managing social media, branding and online marketing.

If your reputation has been compromised, you will need to hire an expert to help you reestablish your former good public image.  Remember it can become costly.  However, if you don’t know how to make bad reviews and press fade into the background, you will become frustrated.   Most of us do not.  We spend our precious time growing our businesses.  Have you ever checked on your own online reputation?   Try Googling yourself.  Do some investigation.  If you read something about your business you don’t like, get to work at once and find help in correcting the problem.  The longer it remains prominently visible, the more damage it can do.  So why not know what to do before it happens?  Even the best of us is vulnerable to attacks and hackers when we practice marketing online.

Today Never Say Impossible Radio is pleased to introduce you to Yvonne A Jones.  I highly recommend Yvonne’s  informative book.  So much of your hard work can be lost if you don’t know what others are saying about you online.  To get your copy today click here: The Samll Business Guide To Online Reputation Management  Knowing what to do to protect your online reputation is vital to your success.


Highly Informative

Highly Informative



About Yvonne A Jones:

Yvonne A Jones is Your Client Retention Mentor and Small Business Consultant because she supports small businesses and highly-motivated entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between client attraction and retention.

Her mission is to help business owners bring the fun back into their business, spend more time doing what they love to do, and less time chasing new clients.

Yvonne’s many loyal clients named her “The Queen of Business Breakthrough” because she supports them with systems, programs, and mentoring that result in clarity in their message and marketing that bring them real results. Her online and offline Relationship Marketing systems and strategies take her clients from knowing to doing.

Yvonne believes that when you “Focus on relationships; the money will follow.”

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