There is beauty all around us.  Can you see it"

There is beauty all around us. Can you see it?

Marilyn Raphael speaks about understanding the unknown on Never Say Impossible Radio.


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Does the unknown make you uncomfortable? Do dreams worry you?  Maybe you don’t dream at all.  Marilyn visited NSI Radio and had some very interesting information to share with you. Knowledge empowers all of us.  The more we know the more we understand about life and death. Often, when we have not experienced something for ourselves we develop doubts. The doubts become fear of the unknown.

Do you know what paranormal means?  The word is derived from the Latin use of the prefix para.  When para is combined with the word normal the meaning becomes  something which means “outside or beyond” what is considered normal.  Marilyn explains what paranormal means and what it is that she does to assist us to understand. Therefore, the word unknown no longer seems mysterious.  So many people associate the term paranormal with unnatural thinking.  However as science and technology continues to expand many anomalies earn a scientific explanation losing their status as unexplained phenomena or the unknown.

Listen to Marilyn on NSI Radio.  She has spent her whole life studing various kinds of paranormal experiences and openly shares what she has learned with you.

About Marilyn: Marilyn, a full-trance medium, physic, teacher, lecturer and researcher, has used her gift helping thousands of people around the world connecting with the other side. She has been working in this capacity for more than thirty years and is involved in many kinds of mystical adventures and forms of heightened psychic awareness since childhood. She has written two books: Angelic Force & A Stroll In Heaven.  Marilyn offers classes, lectures, workshops and insight into many of the varied aspects of spiritual and psychic development. These courses include such diverse subjects as telepathy, psychometry, telekinesis, aura healing, dowsing, and self-healing, altered states of consciousness, out-of-body experiences, and more. People from all walks of life have consulted Marilyn for her insight and readings.  Her clients include doctors, lawyers, journalists, entertainers writers and on and on. Marilyn had been featured on national television shows such as “The Other Side” and been a guest on many other TV and Radio shows.  Marilyn’s Clients have included doctors, lawyers, journalists, entertainers, writers, artists, TV producers, international diplomats and ambassadors from the United Nations, and many more. Marilyn is available for private and group consolations.