Dancing on our Disabilities Radio interviews Margarete Quinone


Turn your book into an audio book with Margarete and ACX

Audio books are becoming more popular than ever before.  Maybe everything is going great with your eBook and paperback, but, what about creating an audiobook?  It’s shocking how few people are turning their books into audio books. They are missing a great opportunity.  If you have been on this planet for over 45 years you know that everything has changed because of the advancements of technology.  Years ago there were no cell phones or smart devices, no audio books, and the word computer meant some monstrous machine that had absolutely no connection to the everyday person or every day life.  All of this was a fantasy in a book called 1984 by George Orwell.  There isn’t any aspect of life, as we know it today that has not been drastically altered by technology.  The music we listen to, the digital art we admire, the blogs we read, the TV we watch, the cameras we use, the telephones calls we answer everywhere and all the time, and the books we read.  All aspects of communication have undergone a metamorphosis.

Today we are going to be discussing what is going on in the publishing industry with a voice over artists/actress.  She is following her dream and making a difference in the publishing world as we know it by using her voice.  We will be talking to Margaret Quinones who is a talented voice over artist.  Margarete is going to explain the entire process and let you know how quickly and easy creating an audio book can be  produced. There are around 40,000 new books self published every day all over the world.  However, the good news is that only 5% are audio books. Years ago we all thought audio books were for the car or for people who were blind.  That is so far from reality. Audio books are used by anyone with a smart device, anywhere, and at any time.  All you need is earphones it you don’t want one else to eavesdrop.  Now that we have Audible Books the world just became a little smaller.  Think about all the people you can reach with an audio book?  Everyone needs more time in their day, so why not listen when you multi-task?  Think about the additional books you can read or listen to when you have more time.  Think about how a good voice over artist can paint pictures with your words.  Does it get better than that?


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About Margarete

Margarete Quiñones is a voice over artist. She is also physically challenged. She is originally from New Hyde Park, New York. Margarete has overcome many obstacles in her lifetime.  As a child she struggled with a dysfunctional home life. She endured verbal and physical abuse from her parents, loss of family members due to death or other circumstances, homelessness, and disabilities. Margarete constantly fights to overcome severe depression, and the possibility a debilitating disorder called Lupus. She is an ambitious young woman despite having working around some limitations of her daily activities due to her health issues.

When she developed physical challenges, life became stressful for her family as they struggled to understand her condition. She believes she had the good fortune to have married a very loving man Cisco, and together they have a wonderful son Trent Linus. They have had to learn to deal with limitations which was something neither of them was used to. Through perseverance and faith she has triumphed over adversity. It has been a long hard struggle, but Margarete has finally been able to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress and voice over artist. They may not be financially rich, but they are rich in love.

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