Robyn Reynolds published author visits NSI Radio

   “Let Them Know That I am Here”


      Robyn Reynolds is co-founders of The Traveling Soul Market Publishing House


Publishing a book can be a challenge.  Are you an author of a spiritual book? Are you trying to figure out where and how to publish and market your book? I bet you have many unanswered questions. The good news is that there are multiple answers to your questions at your fingertips. The bad news is that there are way too many answers to your questions at your fingertips.

That is one of the main reasons Robyn Reynolds is visiting Never Say Impossible Radio.  She is a published author, entrepreneur and founder of The Traveling Soul Market.  Robyn discovered that the easiest answers are not always the best answers for everyone. She is going share her experience with you and tell you about an exciting program she has developed that may be a perfect place to market your products.  Robyn has lots to tell you, but first I’d like to simplify a few of the important issues you will need to deal with as a new author.

We are more than halfway through 2014 and the publishing world continues to go through a metamorphosis.  Self-publishing is skyrocketing and becoming more affordable than ever before.  Authors are publishing more E-books than ever and digital books  are out selling paperbacks or hardcover books by an astonishing percentage.  More authors are seeing their dreams materialize before their eyes. In my world, that translates to more published information, more entertainment, more education, and dozens of ways to access all the wonderful new material on the market.

What does that mean to a new author?  Frankly, it means you will have an array of choices regarding the publishing of your book, as well as more avenues of distribution, more opportunities to do it yourself, and more information about the confusing world of book publishing. Before you rush in and get pushed along in all the excitement, do your homework because certain rules in the publishing industry remain unchanged and stand steadfast in the storm that is swirling around the publishing industry. One glaring example is the rules regarding interior-design standards.

On the outside, it does appear that publishing is becoming considerably easier.  However, here is one word of caution so you do not waste your money.  Know the market you are attempting to reach with your published book.  You may have a high-quality product, but if marketed incorrectly or to the wrong audience you will more than likely be very disappointed in the results generated from your book.

Here are a few tips about publishing:

  • Now that you have written your first book the question always arises as to whether you want to join the frenzy and self-publish or stand back and try to find a traditional publishing house. Obviously self-publishing is what the public is gravitating towards, however remember that everything that goes to that book is going to come out of your pocket. It is not quite as cheap as it appears to be on the surface. Here are a few things to consider:
  • If you are an unknown author most traditional publishers will not be interested in investing in your book because they know that the marketing of the book is the most important thing to creating a bestseller. Marketing is the key word and must be a priority, whether you are self-published or not.
  • Once your manuscript is complete you will need to hire an outstanding editor. No matter how good your educational background may be, it is a mistake to attempt to edit your own book. Remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for?”
  • Once you have an edited version of your book be sure to hire a proofreader as well. Dual lines and double paragraphs are easily missed, as well as repeated words, or omitted words.
  • You will need a great interior design, as well as an outstanding professional book cover designer. Reading involves the reader’s senses. It has to look good. The best meal in the world loses credibility if the food is just dumped on the plate.
  • Do you have your calculator out? Writing a book is not as inexpensive as one might believe initially. I am not trying to discourage anyone because writing my first few books was one of the more exciting adventures of my life. It was a learning experience and a life-changing event.
  • My last tip and the most important is that you must have a marketing plan and do some reading about how and where to market your newborn baby.

Exactly one year ago, I met Robyn Reynolds at a conference.  She told me that she was launching a publishing and marketing company. She shared an interesting story with me about how and why The Traveling Soul Press and Market was conceived.

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About Robyn Reynolds:

Robyn Reynolds is an author, spirit photographer, Reiki master, publisher and one of the founders of The Traveling Soul Market.

Robyn’s book, “Let Them Know…That I am Here” is a remarkable story of life after death. Robyn demonstrates   her experience with her own beautiful spirit photography from around the world. Robyn started her journey trying to connect to Kyle, her partner’s son, after he died in 2003. She was looking for validation that his consciousness survived his physical death. She found a journey of discovery and connection to not only what they thought they had lost, but to some of the mystery and magic of life itself.

After overcoming the common hurdles of self-publishing her book, Robyn established The Traveling Soul Press to make it easier for new and established authors to publish their books promoting spiritual growth and transformation. The Traveling Soul Market, an online spiritual marketplace, was established as a platform to sell these stories as well as other wares and to become a community fostering spiritual exploration.