Never Say Impossible Radio interviews Jacques Wiesel

By Myra Goldick


Jacques Wiesel


Holocaust survivor shares his story

Holocaust survivors never totally forget the terror or hardships they endured.  We can learn a great deal from these survivors. Sadly, we live in a world full of turmoil. As I write this, there are innocent people dying over religious differences.  Throughout history some governments  have exerted their power and dominance over their people.  Throughout the centuries there have been many acts of war where mankind has practiced genocide and slaughter of their fellow man.

 The Holocaust was one of those atrocities that we must never forget.  

However, for those of us who did not live through the holocaust and that time in history, we need to be reminded of the inhuman practices that were inflicted on a people just because of their religious and cultural beliefs. History must never be repeated. Atrocities so frightening that reading about them sends chills up our spines. Here in America, the land of the free, we can only ask ourselves why, and how did the Holocaust happen to six million Jewish people.  During that era,  any one not found to be of pure Caucasian lineage was considered of little value by the Nazi’s.   Millions of people were systematically persecuted and murdered by their regime. They lost their homes, belongings, loved ones, and lived through extreme hardship.  Those who were fortunate escaped to other countries with very little belongings.

The Nazi regime did not just target the Jewish people. They persecuted anybody they considered to be inferior or of a subculture. Homosexuals, the disabled, mixed race, mentally ill people were all at risk.  The European gypsies and people who did not support their political views were systematically sentenced to death or placed in concentration camps where they were starved, beaten, and tortured.

Tragically, some people lost every single member of their family. The stories are heartbreaking.  It was a time of complete chaos and mayhem. Thousands of political opponents were also rounded up and thrown into camps by the police. Among the tears are some miraculous stories of survival and escape.

The good news is that some Holocaust survivors have been able to rebuild their lives, and in many cases prosper.  Jacques Wiesel is one of the Holocaust survivors who tells his story with courage, passion, and above all with a sense of pride and perservence.  He is an author, world recognized speaker, and a man on a mission to inspire others to live life with enthusiasm.

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About Jacques Wiesel:

Jacques Wiesel is a professional motivational speaker, author, survivor, and humanitarian. He is Holocaust Survivor who turned his childhood troubles, trials, traumas and tribulations into a positive life.  Jacques knows how to take his own life experiences and inspire others to live with joy and laughter because every day is a gift. Wiesel, who with his family fled Brussels and the Nazis when he was seven years old, had many close calls with death.  U.S. troops rescued the family in North Africa in 1942.  Finally the Wiesel made it to America.  Jacques began motivational speaking in 1960, wrote 4 books and 400 essays. He is also a husband and grandfather to 4 incredible grandchildren.

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