Alive, living again and loving it!

Alissa Ripley

Some people just seem to make the best of their life, no matter what. Living and loving life is so much more than just breathing, eating, and sleeping.  Some personalities just seem to bounce back more easily then others after they experience a setback.   Ask yourself if you quickly adjust emotionally when life shoves you around?  Every now and then you meet someone who seems to have an extraordinary ability to  “ get over” a bad or traumatic loss.  It is not easy to be strong enough to get through horrific circumstances without losing your spirit and passion.  Remember that old cliché, “this too shall pass “.  But, what if you knew that your life had been altered forever?  Clearly, everyone reacts differently to adversity.  Arguably, one could say a person’s attitude depends on whether they are a right or left brain thinker genetically, a pessimist or an optimist.  The question still remains as to the best method of getting over a tragic loss and moving on with your life? I found a wonderful lady willing to share her method of triumph. She is a true inspiration and she has spent years helping others begin to start “Living Again”.


 I recently discovered a book that was a good read and inspirational as well. The book is titled LIVING AGAIN . This story is about a young woman, Alissa, who discovered that  she was stronger than she ever knew after she survived a devastating  highway accident.   The book details and describes one woman’s journey from self-centered  diva to  a humble successful businesswoman.  Dancing On Our Disabilities Radio is pleased to introduce this talented author and survivor, Alissa Ripley  Click here to listen: to Alissa: Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link


Alissa was born in California, raised there and in Arizona.  She finally settled in the mountains of Utah. Despite being abused as a child, she remained positive and dedicated in school, graduating from high school with honors. After her freshman year in college, she got into a car accident that paralyzed her from the chest down. Now in a wheelchair, she’s an author, motivational speaker, and mentor, as well as a wife and mom.