405808_218882184857444_347295085_nLUZ ROSENFELD

Can you imagine losing your sight unexpectedly?


We all take things for granted a great deal of the time.  Occasionally we realize what wonderful gifts we are bestowed with at birth. Our five senses mean so much to us, and yet we don’t stop often enough to be grateful that we can taste our food, smell a rose, touch someones hand, listen to our favorite song, and see a beautiful sunset. Have you ever stopped to help a blind person cross a street and thought how difficult their path must be?  Most of us are so willing to help, but only for that moment.  We tend to forget how fortunate we are as we carry on with our own lives and problems. This is the normal reaction that many people have after an encounter with a person struggling with a challenge.

Today Dancing On our Disabilities is proud to present a young woman who suffered the loss of her eyesight, and is working hard to change the attitude and indifference of others towards people with challenges. Luz is very active at the Light House for the Blind.

Luz Marina Rosenfeld was born in Barranquilla, South America. Luz had a great childhood and an exciting life and loving family. Her career was Fitness Training and Event Planning. As most professional women, raising her children and managing a household created lots of pressure and headaches.

However, those Migraine headaches proved to be warning signs of devastating blood clots, which suddenly robbed her of her eyesight .  Not only did she lose her vision because of these blood clots, her life was turned upside down as a result. Luz learned many things as she struggled to balance herself in a new strange world filled with darkness.



Luz’s did not lose her spirit or her perseverance. Her story is one of triumph over adversity.  Her hands became her eyes, and her brand new heightened sense of perception opened many unseen paths and doors for her. She went back to school and studied the Science of Massage Therapy, and used the magic she discovered in her hands to develop a new profession. Luz is an Advocate for the Blind, and her purpose in life is to continue teaching others to accept and value those who have challenges. She says; “We are not different; we just use other tools. We are gifted, talented people with a great deal of information to offer society.” Rosenfeld continued; “Never judge a person prematurely, open up your mind and give everyone a fair chance.” Luz is a dedicated warrior for the blind, fighting for human rights. She hopes to bring education to the blind to South America and is setting up a foundation which will support schooling and education for the blind and others who struggle to overcome all kinds of adversity and challenges.

Listen To Luz Rosenfeld’s informative interview : Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link