Do you know and understand the secrets of networking and marketing?


Lamar Morgan visits Never Say Impossible Radio and asks; “Do you know and understand how to get other people to promote you and your business without having to pay them ?”  “Are you diligent about referring other professionals to one another ?”

We talk about it all the time, but do we practice  this important part of networking. We have all heard the 60-second elevator speech that turns into a four-minute rant that leaves us dazed. When someone is not sure how to express themselves or concisely explain what they do, although they maybe really good in there field, the listening party is not sure of what they heard when all is said and done.  It is critical that we all have a great  elevator speech.  Express yourself as precisely and clearly as possible.  Your practice will be rewarded.  Know your elevator speech as well as you know your own name.

  • A few tips from Lamar”
  • Learn to listen to the value of other peoples businesses.  
  • Use video when ever possible
  • Offer to help new contacts  and connect them with others in the market .
  • Don’t waive your own flag. Let others do that for you.
  •  Engage others on social media while developing relationships
  •  Perfect your elevator speech

Another important component regarding networking is learning.

Every person who is actively involved with networking wants others to learn what they have to offer.  However, we have  to start by listening first. It’s about hearing someone else’s story and business specialty , then taking  a back  seat when necessary. When we listen, learn and evaluate someone else’s value in the market place and then help promote them as well by introducing them to people in your business world. It’s a win for everyone involved.

Larmar Morgan is the host of Feature Friday Business Connection call,  suggests uplifting others . Morgan say, “When you give of yourself, you will earn respect and recognition. ”

Click here to listen to Lamar:Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

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