Vinny Furlani



Creator and Founder of “The Art of Boxing Magazine. Inc


 The sport of boxing can  teach us many things about achieving success in business

It takes great discipline, determination  and mental toughness to become a world-class boxer.

 Americans love sports.  In fact, I might venture to say that all cultures enjoy a variety of sports depending on what part of the world you originate from.  When we watch the Olympics we see all kinds of popular sports including boxing. What do  we really know about this sport?  Boxing has had its ups and downs over the years.  The professional sport of boxings  popularity was always in the heavyweight division with such notable athletes as Joe Lewis, Rocky Marciano, Joe Frazier, George Forman, Floyd Patterson, Mike Tyson, as well as the most notable of all Muhammad Ali.

The heavyweight division, which was dominated by American fighters, has lost its popularity because of the lack of development of the new skilled fighters since Mike Tyson.  The current reigning champion is from Russia.  The interest of most boxing fans has shifted to the lower-weight classes  such as lightweight, welterweight and middleweight.  These fighters come from all parts of the world such as Mexico, South America, Europe, and Asia [Russia].  Within the lower-weight  division of boxers are some extremely talented fighters who are capturing the attention of boxing fans. These new fighters have captured the attention of of boxing fans.

The popularity of traditional boxing has been challenged by the growing interest in mixed martial arts, which incorporates other modalities. Today we have a former boxer and trainer  visiting The Never Say Impossible show.  Vinny Furlani,  has a lot to say about the sport of boxing and it’s future.  He also speaks about how to incorporate physical training and mental toughness into your life to become a winner .

Vinny  has an exciting new magazine called The Art of Boxing Magazine. Within the pages you will find the latest news on boxing and his  revealing  10-Point Strategic Boxing System which is a modern approach to “old-school” boxing.  Vinny has taken the lessons from Floyd Patterson and translated them into the most effective boxing system in the sport. Within the pages you find many interesting  facts and  little known information about judges, referee’s and  insider tips about  boxing.

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