Kim Justus share her shocking story with us on Never Say Impossible. 

A piercing pain suddenly shot through Kim’s brain, like a bolt of lightning snapping and tracing through the sky. An ordinary day was instantly transformed into a fight for survival. Soon she underwent aggressive, brain surgery. Her doctor’s initial misdiagnosis led to her speech and comprehension being severely compromised, before she lost consciousness. From the depths of a coma, Kim entered a near death experience, awaking to find her life profoundly changed. Facing mortality, changes in her body, mind and spirit were thrust upon her without warning. Her courageous fight to overcome unconventional obstacles is intimately shared in this compelling story.


In a Flash: Miracles Here and Beyond offers Kim’s personal account of her battle to survive a ruptured brain aneurysm, the presentation of a near death experience, and the miracles that ensued. In a Flash is a powerful story of survival, challenges of faith, and divine orchestration. Kim artfully describes a journey where the tenants of science and spirituality collide, resulting in a dynamic union.

Have you ever questioned if there’s life after death, or if there’s really such a thing as divine intervention?

 In a Flash is a poignant memoir of miracles, following Kim Jefferson Justus on her compelling journey through a ruptured brain aneurysm, the resulting near death experience and the challenges she faced afterward.  Hers is an inspirational story carries a message of hope.