For centuries, humans have speculated on what happens to a living breathing person after they die. Everybody has an opinion as well as a deep-seated “need to know” normal curiosity. It doesn’t matter if you’re religious or not, more than likely you have an opinion, based on your own personal life’s experiences. Even in the Bible, there are references to communications with the dead. If you doubt that, I urge you to refer to the book of 1  Samuel 28, the story Saul, King of Israel.

Marilyn Speaks

 Perhaps you are an atheist or an agnostic. However, if you have ever lost someone whom you loved, surely at one point you have found yourself wondering why you have a feeling that you sense their spirit near you or around you from time to time. Those among us who have experienced near death episodes, speak freely of their experience. One thing that every single near-death experience story has in common, regardless of the age, religion, race, or sex, is the similar description of the sensation of beauty, love, peace, and the desire to remain in this almost indescribable place.


Then there is the issue of ghosts and haunting. Sadly, I think Hollywood has done a lot of manipulations on this subject for the pure sake of entertainment and scaring the heck out of people.  If you have not experienced an encounter with a ghost, at some point or another in your life, you have heard a story of someone who has had an experience with a ghost. One thing I have noticed, regardless of a person’s individual experience or opinion more than likely they will listen to the story before making a judgment as to the authenticity of the source providing the information. “Listen” is the word to emphasize when discussing ghost stories.

I have my personal belief system and my own life’s experiences. I find the topic more and more fascinating. Perhaps this comes with age and a sense of mortality.


 Recently, I have had the honor to interview a world-renowned trans medium and psychic, Marilyn Raphael. She can remember having this unique ability to connect with the other side almost from her first memory as a young girl. In the beginning, Marilyn explains how she thought it was common to connect with others who have passed on and that everybody else had the same abilities she had. She has devoted her life to helping thousands of people all over the world find inner peace and comfort by connecting to those they have loved and lost.  She has been a full-trance medium for more than thirty years and is involved in many kinds of mystical adventures and forms of heightened psychic awareness since childhood.  Marilyn’s personal involvement and unique experiences have put her on a special quest for a greater understanding of these remarkable abilities.  She is involved in experimentation and research into the phenomena of her medium-ship and the broader area of paranormal studies.


Click the link below to listen to this powerful interview and learn what “happens when we die”.